Friday, August 6, 2010

The Well and the Lighthouse.

'Lo all.

No post last night, my bad.

Trundled off to school yesterday, got shooed into the hall for a cyber safety seminar. An hour and a half of an ex-police officer trying to scare us into doing the "right thing" for our "online reputation". Based on what she said, we're all screwed.

Then double spare, enjoyed noodles and a coffee, chilled with Potter and Sarah until a buttload of maths and english kids came in. Far too noisy.

Lunch was quiet, hit the common room, went downstairs, went to the locker room cos it was cold. Debated with the others about hitting the pub, got a couple of kids interested.

Then history, watched more movie, which was alright.

Since Ms Dosser had a SAC to supervise, we lost a lit class. Spent it chatting to Sam and Nemo and the rest. Oh well.

Headed to work, was dead by the end of it. As soon as I sat down to chill, Denny, Kelly and Jess arrived.

Watched some Burnt Face Man since it was so damn early, then headed to the Star for a game of pool, then to Jack's to meet with some other kids. Leighton was down from South Australia, and it was Amelia's birthday. We hung around outside but left for a maccas run at just the right time.

After maccas, ran into Jasmine (odd), ended up in Ringers. Couple more games of pool, got steadily more wasted, watched the karaoke. Derek, Wiffy and Jake did The Darkness's I Believe In A Thing Called Love, complete with falsetto chorus, because the DJ asked nicely, then the rest went up to do My Heart Will Go On. Meanwhile, an American guy and his dad started hitting on Jess, and they called her and me the people on Titanic. Those crazy drunken yanks.

Anyway, a couple of dudes did Bohemian Rhapsody really well, Aiden and Jason and I (the last men standing) decided to have one more drink, then we nicked off when the lights went on, grabbing a spare taxi. Good night out, fairly cheap too.

Today, woke up before 2pm (feels good man), did Aiden's Friday run, and have been wasting time since.

Tomorrow is work and media day, if I get that done, do some bio work too. Sunday will be RMIT and bio day otherwise.



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