Wednesday, August 4, 2010


'Lo all..

Hurm again.

Too cold today, was a little late to school, bio first up, ever so much fun. Not looking forward to the SAC on Monday at all.

Then media, went over stuff for the SAC on Monday. Actually, I'm not looking forward to Monday at all.

At recess a lot of kids nicked off to kick arse at Phillip Island.

History was ok, Sarah and I hunted down something on google books, then I impressed Mr Ries by (illegally) printing it using printscreen.

Off to lit, since half the class was gone Dossertron sent us off to work on the creative things again. Added another two hundredish words to mine, so I guess it's not all bad.

The Long Lunch was long and fairly dull. Had noodles, said happy birthday to Claire, then wasted time downstairs in the cold.

Running training wasn't too bad, cept I owe Jess a beer because I figured we'd be doing technique and hill work. Loki, Tsuby and I headed out with Will and Jess, we took one of the little tracks and thought we lost Jess, then took another one that seemed to never end. My chest and arm hurt. Didn't think much of it til it went numb at the end, asked Ms Dyke about it, she said I might be having a heart attack but I shouldn't worry about it. Hurm.

Get back to school, head down the street, my shorts ripped, which is annoying. Waste time because I had no motivation to spend half an hour ironing out my lit thing, then headed to school for a post VCE information evening. The most important part was the most confusing, which was about Centrelink's Youth Allowance. It's complete rubbish.

Tomorrow, have two periods about CYBER SAFETY (OH GOD SO MUCH LOL) so I may be trolling a little, then double spare, then handing in lit work. Eep. Then karaoke, maybe.



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