Friday, August 27, 2010

Totem on the Timeline.

'Lo everyone.

OMG it's Friday.

Foot is still kinda swollen but I can walk on it, hell yeah.

School was dull and raining and cold. In homeroom Mrs Ripon told us that Clap-daddy just signed a deal to make him an uberprincipal, so next year he'll be in charge of both grammar and St Pauls. That's pretty big, since St Pauls were our main GIS sport rivals.

Lit first up, got through most of a stanza. Not looking forward to the oral thing on Monday morning, especially since I left the handout in the common room and will be begging for help on Sunday night.

Then maths, where we all slept a little, despite the SAC on Monday. Monday's looking worse and worse already.

Recess was meh, headed to bio in the library, in the middle bit where there's computers and people walking past all the time. Stupid. Smashing this evolution stuff still. Back to the classroom, finally, had to play with counters. Almost fun.

At lunch, headed to the common room since nearly everyone was watching the school captain (in skirt) and his jock prefects lose a game of netball to the teachers, or in an english catchup. Traded a lot of pokemans with Denny, Ryan, Julian and Dayne, and then we went to the group drawing thing. Dohoho.

In spare, finished off the trading (I had four bloody DSs, had to get Cammo to help me), then watched as Sarah and Potter took photos of themselves on a mac with all the funny effects. Very amusing.

Finally history, got told my essay needed more detail, fair enough. I'll finish another one to show him, with historians and blackjack and hookers.

After school, chips, then we helped Hayden pick a book to buy with his voucher, and got sidetracked looking at the Dicktionary and Chuck Norris vs Mr T (funnily enough they're in the same section). Headed to the new KFC after that, it's very concretey, and we were sure a health inspector guy dropped in and took photos of the place while we were in there. We started planning muckup day. Very productive, since there was seven of us. Got a list of stuff to do. Ran into someone on the way home, wasted time, got home late and got in trouble. Typical.

Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne, to finally see Simon's awesome new house, and celebrate a 50th anniversary (jesus). Should be fun. I'll miss out on Potter's pubcrawl, but I'm sure she'll do others.


Anyway, the end.

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