Monday, August 9, 2010

To Be A Rock.

'Lo everyone.

I just freaking love Mondays. Especially when they are really cold, they are my absolute favourites.

Anyway, I better make this brief, I've left it too late and I have to get up early.

I woke up too late again. This is not good. I chucked my media stuff on a usb since the internet was down and read a bio textbook over coffee. Scream to school, Dayne and Sarah ask me to go over a couple of last minute things. Don't panic. Don't panic.

Get into the SAC, get handed a stick of corn, get counting. We had to count each separate kernel. Then more questions. I dunno, I could have done really well or really meh. We'll see.

Then maths, didn't really do a lot, just more whinging about bio and catching up with Bernice about her adventures in the commentary box.

Recess. Still cold. Printed essay.

Double history was ok, we just went through a couple of handouts. Damn essay for this one is getting closer, not looking forward to it at all.

At lunchtime, scrawled out a plan for media, was in a bit of a rush but it was legible, dammit. Walked up with Belle, we both whinged about how we're unprepared, then smashed the goddamn essay bit. Had enough time to scrounge a few more of the easy marks too. I just hope Ms Taylor can read what I wrote. Get to finish the short answers on Wednesday, yay.

Enjoyed my spare, chatted to Goody about Soundwave over one of his scratch coffees (no spoons), while Sarah harrassed Potter about her past and Gavin tried to type up SRC minutes.

Picked up a free pair of running shorts (GREEN IS BAD! WHITE IS GOOD! They can't make money off the green ones), headed to band, Mr C is not happy that I'm running tomorrow, since it's Cake Day and the band has to play. Oh well. Take it up with Ms Dyke.

Hung out with Oliver and Claire afterwards, then went home in the cold where I have not done very much homework. Instead, I read a mortician's stories, which were really interesting if a little morbid.

Tomorrow, KEILOR! PARK! ICCES! CROSS COUNTRY!!!! I'm going to die. Seriously.



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