Monday, August 2, 2010

Throne is Made of Gold.

'Lo all.


I slept in way too much this morning, as usual. Off to school through the drizzle.

First up was bio, somehow the whole class got through a giant cross breed chart thing on the board together.

Lit next, slowly worked through some annotations of my draft and read some more letters.

At recess we were herded to the chapel to pick up our mid year results. I got an A for biology. Woo.

Off to history, where we watched most of a documentary. I need to catch up on what I missed on Friday.

Then maths, got distracted.

Lunch. Kinda dull. Chilled with the usual suspects.

Finally media, smashed through more social values stuff, not long til the SAC though.

Enjoyed a spare after that, chatting to kids about parties and such. Potter wants everyone to go out for her eighteenth at the end of the month. What about the poor kids who aren't old enough yet?

Went to work as soon as I got home, bike is (relatively) fixed, weather was awful, which made things fun. Everything on this Monday run is too spread out, no good. Dropped into the library to hunt down a book, saw a couple of familiar faces but not the book I was after.

Home, haven't done a lot. Meh.

Tomorrow is doubles day. I'm going to get a lot done, I can tell.



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