Tuesday, August 24, 2010


'Lo all.

Still not functioning properly.

Got up far too late today, sprint to school, sleep through assembly, where the French kids put on a killer slideshow, sleep through history and media. On top of both though.

After recess, maths. I died. Twenty minutes of bio too, radiocarbon dating is sooo duullll.

Driving lesson next. Woke me up. Trev says I'm doing well, one more lesson then I should take the test. Hell yeah.

At lunch, sat around whinging about lit with Bernice while Aiden and Dayne tried to get a box on Gavin's head while he talked to Tabby. This escalated quickly. Eventually Gavdog was chasing about a dozen of them. Lol. Girls were all weird after bitching out at netball last night. Interesting.

We had a pop quiz for lit. Did alright. Dosser was surprised that I knew what synecdoche meant. I should be finding some examples now. Mmrr.

Then a spare, someone had put up a very amusing message to the French kids on the window. Lucky they took it down quickly. Chilled out, played some ball and cup game. Slow.

After school, headed to the chicken shop with Oliver, then filmed three or four scenes for his media thing. Good fun, especially watching Ryan try to beat up Jake then run away.

Went home, haven't done much.

Tomorrow is running. Joy.



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