Sunday, August 8, 2010

RMIT Open Day (again).

'Lo all.

I just wasted five minutes reading August 2008's blog posts. I can see that I've improved a bit. Definitely less feelings crap, which is good.

Anyway, yesterday I got up early and got ready for work, but then I gave them a call and they said not to come in. Damn, Spent all of yesterday going through media and bio stuff. Ever so much fun.

Today, got up extra early, got a lift to the station. Hung out with Jake, and waited to see who else would rock up. Ended up with Sian, Claire and Ruby. Train trip up was fairly uneventful, cept we were all almost falling asleep.

Get to Melbourne, we all headed straight to KFC. Lucky the one in Sale is opening back up again soon. Then slowly headed to RMIT itself. Jake and I had a look around at all the displays, asked a few questions, grabbed a lot of sheets, and found ourselves showbags. I checked out a journalism/media presentation while he hit an advertising one. There's another course which I hadn't paid attention to which caught my eye, which was professional communication. It was sorta a mix of journalism and media production stuff, so you don't really specialise but you end up with more mad skillz. Something to think about.

Wandered around for a bit more, checked out some scholarship stuff, had a look at the two types of psych (six years is tooo loonngg), then met Jake again and we grabbed a shuttle bus to the RMIT residence thing. It looked like a very fancy hotel. Nearly every room had a balcony, and there was a pool. We took a tour with a wisecracking smart arse called Nick, checked out a hipster design student's room, and got all separated in the lifts. I wish it all wasn't so expensive.

After that, we figured screw it, we've seen enough. Checked out a record store (a new one, lots of dvds, but none that I'm looking for, plus Portishead's Third on vinyl, aargh!), then got krispy kreme donuts (the best). Checked out Fed Square, then got on the train.

It was packed. Lotta footy fans. Jake and I were sitting on the floor until about Pakenham, when the crowd lessened a bit, and we made a dash to the front of the train to sit with Claire and Sian. Saw Matty T and Damo at the other end. We chatted about schoolies and muckup day and how cool RMIT was, and did not do any biology work. This is bad. Jake's mum gave me a lift home from Traralgon, and since I got home I've been churning out a media essay, and catching up with some kids.

Tomorrow is the start of the Hell Week. Two SACs, one for bio which I'm moderately prepared for, and one for media that still needs work. Then band. Then on Tuesday, got the ICCES cross country at Keilor. My favourite. Wednesday will be dull, and I need to organise a million different things. Thursday has no spare. Friday will probably be the end of the world or something, I just won't care anymore.



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