Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ringo Deathstarr.

'Lo everyone.

Make it end! Argh.

Today was surprisingly warm, but it rained a lot. Go figure.

Extended homeroom was boring, chapel was worse, got to watch Baldrick and some chav attempt to explain the parable of the Good Samaritan in a hip and cool way. Not funny, Baldrick.

In bio, we're doing fossils. I feel I have come full circle from first learning about the bastards in those dinosaur magazines in kinder. Jesus. Going to smash this section. Our homework for the weekend is to watch Jurassic Park. Greatest homework ever.

Not much else going on at recess, head to spare and actually get down to doing some work. Of course, the one day I do work is the same day that the girls decide to straighten everyone's hair. Gavin was first. He has short hair that's curly. He looked like a rockstar when it was done. Then they did Cameron, who looked like a politician. Wrestled me in next. Looked like Matty T, my hair is too long. Looked WRONG. Ziggy next, and he got the cool treatment. Jay had a go, and made himself look twice as much like a girl. Photos will be up on facebook.

Lunch was pretty quiet, chilled with the usual suspects, had glorious chicken from the tuck.

Then history, where Mr Ries cracked jokes about my hair, and Goody asked if I'd be interested in going to the gym. Hurm.

Lit was dull, group work. It was all confusing as well. Not looking forward to finishing an essay tonight, writing another one tomorrow night, then writing a third next week. Then even more for revision, aaargh.

After school was work. Half the people I visit are in hospital at the moment, which is sad.

Tonight, have been chipping away at lit. I'm so tempted to just give up and call it done. Mrs Dosser understands my idea and the reasoning, and it's been cleaned up. Maybe just half an hour more.

Tomorrow is Friday. Driving lesson. Media work. That's about it.



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