Wednesday, August 18, 2010


'Lo all.

Never skipping sport again.

Today was grey and bad.

First up was bio, we're screaming through evolution. I think I'm getting it. Joy.

Then media, more influence stuff, is good too. Good god, two subjects I'm enjoying.

At recess I hung around Ms Henry's office. I am sick and my foot has been killing me for the last few days, so Beardman and I figured I probably shouldn't be running half a dozen ks around Longford today. To get out of a sport because of illness, it's not good enough to have a note. You have to show it to the vice principal, then get it checked again. Anyway, this took up most of my recess, I'll whinge more later. Ms Henry said I was scruffy looking and recommended a haircut. Dammit, only like eight weeks left, come on!

History was going over notes. Going to hand in an essay on Friday. I think.

Then lit, Dosser arrived and said she had to do something else so we had a spare. Oh well. Hung out in the common room with Sam and Nemo and the rest, while Jake went through his footage for media. Something went wrong so now he has to reshoot a lot of it, the poor bastard.

The Long Lunch was dull, and cold. Wandered around with Dayno and Isaac, watched the girls soccer for a bit, then chilled with Aiden to watch the blokes chew bubblegum and kick arse. The girls won their game but the dudes lost. Caught up with Isobelle as she got her very first detention for accidently having her hair out, then Sarah who was getting harrassed about wearing a hoodie because it was cold. Suddenly everyone is nazis.

Headed to the library, had to get checked again, grabbed a paper. If you're allowed to be in there, you have to be double checked and closely supervised. I thought it was chill and read the paper time, guess I was wrong. Mrs Brown came over and told me to stop and do my homework instead. Hurm. Then she said I should be going to bio tutorials, which is probably a good idea. I treat my lunchtimes as sacred.

After scratching out a plan for history, got released. Alison got sprung skipping badminton to watch the soccer, and Agnik got sprung skipping indoor soccer to help debaters. OH GOD MORE DETENTIONS. What on earth is going on. Agnik seemed a little shellshocked. Detentions are nothing to worry about. Chillax, man.

Anyway, went home, have been slowly going through the reflective commentary for lit. That'll be done tomorrow, then I do history. Then I've got another lit essay to write. Man, I'm going to have a fun weekend.




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