Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Even a Leg to Stand On.

'Lo all.

Frustrating. Just frustrating.

Yesterday I went to bed early, woke up sometime when it was still dark after these weird as hell dreams, then slept in til 8. This is not healthy and I need to start changing my sleeping patterns. Don't want sleep paralysis every night during exams or something.

Anyway. First up at school was media, smashed a couple more theories. We're moving on to case studies, and they're surprisingly grim. We got an autopsy report, stuff about school shootings and kids getting abducted, and bloody Bandura and his Bobo doll. Every psych kid in the room facepalmed.

Had a spare next, was good, very chilled out. Sudoku races are becoming a tradition. Kids were discussing the milk competition, then all the competitors were called to Ms Dyke's. Dammit.

Maths was annoying, because Nemo and I tackled a question and the end didn't make any sense. Oh well.

Then lit. Started another poem. Too tired. Dunno if I'll be able to read my own notes.

Brief house meeting where Adam Gilding yelled at us Lenin-style, then watched Pat scull two litres of milk then puke it all out again. Well done that man. I don't know what happened next because I went to running.

Lot of kids there today, felt good during the warmup. Whoever came in first got chocolate. On the way down a hill near the start, got sore foot stuck in something or rolled it over a rock. I dunno. It hurt like a boss, couldn't put weight on it. Limped back up the hill as every other kid went past and asked why I was limping. Dyko gave me an icepack. Goddamn. Not cool. Hopping and limping around. Sick of it.

Anyway, get back to school, watch the end of volleyball where the chaplain and a pair of girls took on some year eleven jocks and wiped the floor with them. Nice.

After school, haven't done a lot. Worked on history a bit, probably not enough. I'll show him what I've got tomorrow, SAC's creeping up.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday. It's going to be hell. Plus the Pyramid lineup comes out, gotta check that out.




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