Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nosferatu Man.

'Lo all.

Today I finished off all my filming. Life is good.

This morning, get to school, assembly, the usual. No mention of Mr Clapper's takeover of St Pauls, which is interesting. Sam and I discussed how messed up Splice is. It's pretty messed up.

Spare first up is always glorious, really. Chatted to Potter and Gav. Slept. Cameron told us about Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which I'll probably have to find on dvd, unfortunately.

Off to media, where we had a sub and another worksheet activity that I started. Did more reading than typing though. Most kids were doing the production stuff anyway.

Slept through recess (as far as I can remember, jesus, my memory's crapping out as well), then off to maths where we asked a few questions, discussed muckup day business ("Chuck a rug over that fence, we'll get on the roof easy!"), then the second part of the SAC. Wasn't too bad. Definitely an odd feeling, which Nemo and Kelly pointed out. That's now 4/5ths of our subjects done, it's just revision now. Once history's done on Thursday, that'll be 3/5ths. Getting very spooky.

At lunchtime I rushed around hunting down science teachers so I could film in a lab. Dragged Gavin with me, eventually Mr Bacon let us film as long as a teacher hung around. So as Mr Dettbarn worked on his laptop we spraypainted a brain. Odd as that sounds. It was kinda fun.

Double lit was soporific. Not that it was boring, it's just that the entire theme of the stanza we were looking at for the entire double was all about relaxing and listlessness. Made us sleepy, which Dosser noticed. I do feel sorry for her sometimes.

After school, Denny helped me out filming some stuff in the music rooms, then off to Pat's. Jake was pissed because his actors hadn't shown up, Oliver eventually rocked up with a haircut, and Denny and Sam argued about how best to set my headphones on fire. Eventually we agreed that we should use lighter fluid, and lots of it. I just hope the footage I got will work, because it was very light. Oh well. If I have to reshoot on Saturday, I won't be that fussed, since I'll be working all Saturday. Headed to KFC, whinged about the usual suspects. Hot and spicy burgers are hot and spicy. Very good. Should do a ribwich road trip, since they're going.

Get home, internet's spasmodic, retreat to shed to read over some history stuff.

Bowling for Columbine - ***
Michael Moore is a dick. And yes, it's a tragic story and all that, but he's just a dick. Glorified Today Tonight report, sometimes. Still. It's interesting. The ending cut out on me, which is annoying.

And here I am. Tomorrow, gonna test out my healing ankle, and hopefully edit these four ads I filmed today. If I can't I'll be pissed.



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