Monday, August 16, 2010

No Cars Go.

'Lo readers.

God help us all. Down to about five weeks of school (plus a week of holidays and a week of practice exams).

Today was really cold and really windy and it rained a lot. My foot still hurts, so it wasn't fun to walk around. Plus I'm still a bit sick. Plus everyone else is now sick. So, yeah, good Monday.

Anyway, bio first up, got SAC back, I passed, not many other kids did. They naturally weren't very happy about this. Then a bit more about evolution, which I'm cool with so far.

Then lit, where we got a lecture on writing technique. More on this later.

Recess was cold and wet.

Maths was quiet, no motivation though. Nemo and Bernice seemed worried about playing netball since it was pouring, then we could see blue sky, then it was raining again. Messed up.

In history we got told how to write essays. Different to lit because it's all about cramming in evidence, no fancy crap. Lit is all about fancy crap, and making sure you use an expanded vocabulary in such a way that it reflects the way the author has constructed the text. Hurm. Then more movie. Fairly sure Gerard Depardieu is in it. That or huge noses are common in France.

Lunch. Common room. Much warmer than outside in the cold. Hayden drew on the board and had a coffee from the jar, while Isaac and I talked music and Denny, Dayne and I did dealings about pokemans.

Off to media, we're starting influence. Awesome. Watched McDonald's ads. This will be a fun unit.

Spare was good. Chilled out, stole Hayden's coffee idea. Georgia jumped me. Potter and Gavin fought over the sudoku in the paper. Business as usual.

Dragged self to band, caught up with Claire about Falls, we all failed at music, then went down the street but the shops were shut, dammit.

And now I've just been wasting time. Should really have done more history or maths.

Tomorrow, Doubles Day, and I have a driving lesson. Then I get to do some filming.



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