Monday, August 30, 2010

Next in Line.

'Lo all.

Oh god, another Monday.

First up was bio in the computer room, with some confusing practice SAC thingy. Involved us going on a website from the very beginning of the internet, which was not particularly user-friendly. This resulted in most of the class getting stuck. Oh well.

Then lit, smashing this poem. Didn't have to do the oral thing either, which is good.

At recess I borrowed out the cameras again, going to finish all my filming tomorrow. In theory.

History next, read through another handout while Annie, Isobelle and Sarah stressed out over an ATAR calculator. Lauren and I were way too cool for that, though Isobelle reckons I'll do alright. Alright involves a lot of 40s. No pressure.

Then the maths SAC. Easier than I was expecting, might have been because it was almost all multiple choice. Took a guess on one question, and I had enough time to sort out another one. Tricky bit will be tomorrow.

At lunch, couldn't find media teacher, library wasn't open, so I figured I'd try to film some stuff. We worked out that the headphones will need a windproof bit to burn, and maybe a little lighter fluid. Then we found Ms Taylor and I scratched out a response to the homework. Media itself is getting very interesting, discussed James Bulger, started Columbine. Watched some of Michael Moore's film. I think I'll have to rent all his stuff, maybe tomorrow when it's cheap, watch em on the weekend.

Then a spare where Potter told us all about her exciting weekend. You dragged it out too much, man. Also invented a new game where I tried to stick an elastic band to the ceiling.

After school, headed to the media room. Oliver and Pat were starting to piece together footage, and for whatever reason Denny was there too, so naturally we all had to watch their bloopers. Emma and I got through a fair bit, though she's still indecisive about some of her photos. Mine is coming together alright, still need four more sequences, but they're the easiest ones. Then on Thursday I'll get voiceovers done. Clean up on Friday and Sunday. All done. Woot.

Walked down the street with Jess, chatted about uni. She seems to know what she's doing, which is good. Did two out the three things I needed to do, including buying half a frozen cow brain, then caught up with Megan and went home. Did my preferences tonight, which was surprisingly easy. SEAS, or the "please pay attention to my poor circumstances and give me money", was trickier. Probably shouldn't feel so guilty about it, but oh well.

Tomorrow is more maths, more media, and meh. Just want it to be over.



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