Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neon Bible.

'Lo all.

Oh god so busy today.

I woke up too late today, then had to rush down the street to an ATM to find money. I forgot my DS and my lunch in the rush, dammit.

Get to school, assembly first up, fascinating stuff. Ziggy got props from the principal for being one of the best IT kids in the entire state, which is pretty damn awesome.

Slept for my spare. It's becoming a routine. Gavin walks in with paper, Potter asks for oddspot, then they all fight over the sudoku. Tahlia told us about her tumultuous visit to the dentist's, where she fainted. She lol'd.

At recess, hung around Ms Dyke's office for an exit pass. Sprinted to maths, then fell asleep. Girls were whinging. Smashed down the work, headed out to meet Trevor for a driving lesson. I'm getting pro at parallel parking. Two or three more lessons then Ps. Woo.

Get back in time to buy a pie (and they gave me a free sausage roll!) from the tuck, chill with Lulu and the rest while they plotted their Schoolies roadtrip. Dunno how we'll lash together a hundred couches to build a huge fort in Queensland, or get them there, but it'll be a fun ride either way.

Double lit was alright, Mrs Dosser didn't really seem into it. Gotta write an essay this weekend, how fun. In Mrs Cartledge's language class next door, we could hear all the kids laughing and running around. Didn't sound like language class. Turns out they were all hiding from Carto and locked her out of the front door, so when she came through our classroom she saw them all sitting as if nothing went wrong. We figured they'd either all get detentions or she'd laugh with them, because she's cool sometimes.

After school, headed to Madden's Glass to get some footage for media, one of the dudes said he was going to do all these cool glass tricks like drop a huge sheet without smashing it but he didn't for whatever reason. Oh well. Caught up with Denny, Ryan and Oliver for chips, got supplies, checked out Toyworld (omg nostalgia, want me some lego!), then walked home. Had a lot of fun filming Oliver getting hit by a car. First take he slid himself off. That would look so stupid the right way around. Then when we put all the blood on him, and made him lie on the road, a car stopped because it looked like he'd died and we were taking photos. Oh my.

After that, not a lot. Beardman made me have a look at the sky, and it was pretty cool. The moon had a ring around it. Weird. So, we experimented with the fancy SLR camera and got a couple of alright pictures, I'll have to chuck them on facebook.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Dunno if I should be running or not because my foot is still playing up. Plus I'm half sick still.




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