Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melbz and Swinburne Open Days.

'Lo all.

Yesterday I worked, then watched Scrubs while doing history readings.

Today, I got up extra early, walked to the station (was rescued by Jake's mum), then jumped on the train with Jake and Isobelle. Enjoyable trip up. Got to Flinders St, Jake's brother met him and gave him a Malaysian finger piano. Pretty cool. They nicked off to Swinburne Prahran.

Isobelle and I grabbed dounts, Starbucks coffee, then caught a tram to Melbourne Uni. Pretty busy. Cold outside too. Went exploring, found the arts faculty, missed the lecture by ten minutes. Instead, went out to the displays and picked up all the handouts, briefly saw Emma and Mike, then met Bernice and Annie. We split up, Isobelle went to check out the residences while the rest of us headed to Hawthorn.

Swinburne gave us lollies. They win. Got all the handouts, found a journalism lecture that was about to start, sat in for that. I like the approach they've got, cos it's a new course for them they're doing it in a different way to all the other universities, with more of a focus towards the future. Then found another lecture about media studies, which sold me. All about media influence and how it's used. Seems cool. Might combine the two of them.

After hanging around chatting to the lecturers for a while, we got a train back into the city as it started pouring. Met the others in Minotaur, made fun of the nerdy stuff ("Jimi Hendrix plushie? $50 book on David Lee Roth? What the hell are all these comics?!"), then it shut so we got maccas and regrouped with everyone. Since we had an hour and a half to kill, nicked off to Galactic Circus. Kids were panicking about running out of time and missing the train, but we had some fun, at least. Got on at Flinders, got good seats, read over the million pages of uni propaganda we got.

Definitely not liking the look of Melbourne Uni. Oh well. I've got other preferences now. Isobelle read our palms. We're all screwed.

Got a lift home and here I am. My foot hurts. I'm bloody falling apart.

Tomorrow is Monday. Gotta go shopping for supplies. Joy.



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