Thursday, August 26, 2010


'Lo all.

Went to bed relatively early last night, woke up early this morning, still feel like hell.

Anyway. Get to school, harrass Aiden's homeroom about getting the Pyramid lineup, didn't come out until we suffered through chapel. Forced to watch another Baldrick video. Not cool, I'm afraid.

Then maths, SAC on Monday, jesus. Not stressed. Questions are tedious, I'll just have to hurry. I know that Brenno will make all the questions really time consuming, to sort out the ones who haven't studied. Hurm.

At recess, Dayne handed us the lineup. And it's pretty crap, to be honest. Not into NERD, or the Temper Trap (as heretical as that sounds). A whole lot of lame triple J core bands, and even a few bands I've seen already as support acts like Liam Finn and Gypsy and the Cat (ew). No. Falls Festival for me, I think. The National, Klaxons, Tame Impala... so there. The trick will be finding money for tickets, and finding other people willing to go.

Then lit, Ms Dosser and I laughed about the Daily Show while everyone else looked lost, then ploughed through a bit more To Autumn. Dull poem. I know it's meant to be the most perfect in the english language, but To Melancholy's so much cooler.

Anyway. Bio in the library. Went over more evolution. I wish there was a creationist in the class I could bag out. Oh well. Bloody SAC for that next week too, goddamn.

Lunch was fairly dull. Bernice and I decided to go hunting for Ms Taylor to do some media work, but she wasn't there. ARGH. I need more time. So, headed up to the common room to bitch about the muckup day committee and how they're going to screw it up, then laughed at pokemans and demotivators. I'll miss lunchtimes like these, I think.

In history I finished an essay, handed it in, chatted to Isobelle. SAC for THAT as well next week. Gawd, I'm drowning. Maybe I'll put off getting my Ps for another week.

Finally media with a sub, read stuff about James Bulger. Pretty messed up. I've read worse.

After school was work, and it was very cold and miserable. Got caught in a sudden pissdown coming out of some guy's house. Then a headwind all the way back to the chemist when I thought I was done to drop off a script. Oh well.

Get home, haven't done a lot. Read an ancient Viz magazine from 1990. There's a lineup for the 1990 Reading Festival, The Cramps, Faith No More, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Mudhoney, Pixies, The Fall... good stuff. This year's is better, if only for QOTSA, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Klaxons, Pendulum, Crystal Castles, couple of other bands (oddly similar to Falls and Soundwave, no? Maybe we'll see some of these *COUGHCRYSTALCASTLESCOUGHARCADEFIRE* for BDO?). Goddamn I wish I was a teenager in the early nineties though.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday. Probably shouldn't go out Friday night. Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.



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