Friday, August 20, 2010


'Lo all.

It's good to finally have the weekend here.

Last night, after reading about bio class, Beardman got excited and gave me handfuls of fossils to show Mrs Brown. Showed Mrs Brown, she got really excited too. Everyone else, not so much (except for the mad fish). Still fun though. Smashed through a geological timescale activity.

Then history, planned out another essay which I'll write tomorrow. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Recess involved hunting down Ms Dyke again. Fun and exciting.

Then double media. I've now got one full ad edited together, now I just need filters and voice over. Got another one halfway done. Also got all the footage uploaded. Still have four more scenes to shoot but if I get them all done next week I'll be fine. Checked out Pat's recording of Broken Ocean from my party, which was awesome.

Had a driving lesson after that, didn't do as well as last time, lots of little mistakes. Oh well, it's all practice. Dude says I need to chill out. Fair enough. Ps soon.

Get back to school, buy one pie get another one free because I think the tuck shop ladies pity me and my thinness, then head up to the common room to chill with Potter and Gavin while Georgia and Sarah went on Texts From Last Night (WAAY better than FML!).

Maths last. I feel sorry for Mr Brennan sometimes, with this class last on a Friday. Slow.

After school, chips with Ryan, Denny, Hayden and Pat, decide to hit the cinema later, check out Sanity, then Denny and I grab a lift. Pizza for tea, then walk to Denny's where Aiden and I watch a bizarre episode of One Piece, then Pat and Hayden drop in (Pat wearing pyjama pants and a tie), and we get half of the pokemon movie watched. Decide to head out, Pat and Aiden drink a litre of milk each.

On Wednesday, there is a milk drinking competition. 2litres. One lunchtime. 20 challengers. Should be fun. Pat figured they should be practicing.

Anyway, get to the cinema, tell Sam to get there, see Fraser and his loud friends.

The Expendables - ****
Big, stupid action. Huge budget Steven Seagal film. What's that, you want plot? You want character development? You want drama? No! You get mindless, badarse action. People getting blown in half and decapitated and stuff. This is 300-with-guns. Good film. Grows you chest hair.

Afterwards. Walked to maccas. Dissect movie ("HE CUT THE GUY'S HEAD OFF!" "HE GOT BLOWN IN HALF!""HOW DID HE DESTROY ALL THE BUNKERS?!" "OH GOD JIZZ"), then swap stories. Fraser tagged along. Funny watching him try to fit in. Had a good time, got a lift home with Aiden.

Tomorrow is work and homework day. My favourite.



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