Saturday, August 21, 2010


'Lo all.

Wasted today, really.

Got up early, called work, they said they didn't need me, went back to sleep.

Just before three Fraser wakes me up again and tells me to vote. Mmrr.

Get down to St Pats, no crowd, get form, vote Sex Party number 1 (dohohoho). Don't like Family First. Don't like the Christian party either. Or Hunters and Fishers. Socialists are screwed, but at least they're trying.

Hang around picking up supplies down the street, then go home and burn more time. Decide to get my arse into gear.

Zombieland - *****
I like this film. Might have been because I read World War Z last week. Bill Murray is awesome. End scene is excellent.

Sketched out history and started lit, then figured screw it since there wasn't a clear election result yet.

The Warriors - *****
Another really good film, been on my list for ages. Not as violent as was advertised, and the costumes are a little off (dunno about the baseball bat guys), but a fun watch. Will watch again, and make sure everyone else does too.

Beardman just got back from counting ballots, he seems exhausted, and the kids on facebook who did it too are sick of it. Looks like Labor are celebrating already. Oh well. Get rid of the internet filter!

Tomorrow, gonna party hard down at Deakin, if Isobelle gets back to me about a lift, otherwise I'll have to train it. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

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