Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deakin Open Day.

'Lo all.

Today, I got a text message at 620 telling me I would be getting picked up from Annie's at 7. Argh. Got to Annie's just after seven, turns out the rest had headed to my place when I said I was running there. Oh well.

Anyway, trip up was alright, stopped in Yarragon for coffee, thank gawd. Annie showed me her pokemans. Couldn't fall asleep. Lot of whinging about the election.

Get to Deakin, conquer Isobelle's mum's fear of parking places, then find the bit with all the free stuff. And so much free stuff. Wristbands, highlighters, fortune cookies, pens, lollies, so much awesome. Then we hit the subject exhibition, and there was more free stuff. Saw Denny and Kelly and a racing car, and Jordan and a whole lot of weird IV bags. Got the usual stuff on journalism and media.

After that, checked out the residence places (WANT!), then got chinese food. Had more of a look around, lot of stalls for societies like the Pride one ("What's tha- oh.") and the Christian one. Got more free stuff. Lulu and Annie nicked off to a psych lecture so Isobelle and I burnt an hour checking out the science thing. They'd set up a lab with a dozen microscopes and a blood pressure tester and skulls and skeletons goddamn everywhere, it was so cool.

Hit the media lecture, they seemed to rush through it way too much. I think I'm liking Swinburne more than Deakin. Swinburne's all about adapting to new media, but then Deakin's established a lot of internships and stuff, so more employment opportunities. Hurm. See what happens.

After that the girls had to hit a free photobooth thing (huge line of other girls), then we found Isobelle's mum and went home. Triple J was playing a Tame Impala live set, which was aaaawesome.

Get home, sisters are packing for their trip to Canberra. Brings back memories of putting on an itchy jumpsuit and freefalling, and being bored to death in all the museums and stuff that didn't have dinosaurs or treasure.

Tomorrow is double history Monday. Which would be awesome if my usb worked and the school email wasn't dead so I could email my essay. Meh. Riesdawg will be cool with it.



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