Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Centre of the City at Night.

'Lo everyone.


I don't feel well. And my arm hurts like hell and has an odd lump in it, which scares me a little.

Anyway, headed to school, Ms Dosser made a joke in assembly that we all giggled at, and we roared the crappy hymn. Teachers were a little stunned. Maybe they'll ban us from singing.

Enjoyed a spare in the sun under a giant poster of Ms Henry staring out into the quadrangle, warning kids to pick up their rubbish. Very 1984, well done James.

In media, smashed another social value, now I just need to finish the SAC by Thursday. Joy.

Recess was cold. Lots of throwing banana skins into the bin, but we all missed because we suck.

Double maths was sloooow. Nemo was putting Kelly and I to sleep because she kept yawning.

At lunchtime, everyone disappeared, so while we waited for them to come back Cumpster borrowed a basketball and tried to get us to head to the hockey pitch. Eventually, about seven of us headed down for some old fashioned Gork.

First thing we realised, we don't have enough kids. Second thing, we're all terribly unfit. So it was a short game. Tom, Sam and Steve are bloody terrifying on a good charge.

Then double lit, Dosser got rid of us pretty quick and told us work on the creative things. Ryan and I headed to the library and spent a period chipping away at it, discussing stupid. Got kicked into the VCE study room, where things were pretty quiet. Ryan edited the cover of his poetry book, it's now about John Keat's Major Worksafe Policies.

After school, got chips with Emily and Ryan, bought a couple of books, sprinted home, got changed, went to work, and screamed through all the dishes. Pretty dull. Listened to the new Birds of Tokyo album, it's not bad.

Get home, slowly getting through this media thing, but I don't know if I'm answering in enough detail, and the essay at the end might have a lot of repitition from the actual questions. Oh well, good thing it's not the actual SAC.

Tomorrow, Long Lunchtime, running training, then a seminar about post VCE options. Ever so much fun!


Anyway, the end.

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