Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Not To Roll.

'Lo all.

I'm still alive.

Yesterday was ever so much fun. Bus trip up was meh, then it started pouring about the same time we hit Melbourne.

Get to the place, we're all a bit nervous. Radio says it's ten degrees outside, and it's still raining. Head out for a warmup after meeting the French guy (who was pretty cool, and has enough balls to sign up for this), then get told the race has been brought forwards fifteen minutes. Jesus god. Do a lap or two with Cumpster, then we're in the starting box. Oh god oh god oh god.

Mud. So much mud. Mud everywhere. The rest is pretty meh. I wasn't running for points. Not as much motivation. Just don't be the last grammar kid to finish.

So, up the hill, absolute hell, did the extra klick up for the mark on my arm, on the way back some kid that was running in a hoodie (wtf?! seriously) tried to take it off while running, gave it to some of his team mates who were already walking. Kept close to Wingram and this other guy with hair like me, started catching up to him by the end, but he beat me at the very end. Oh well. I got 15th, same as I think the last two years. Beat one of the other grammar kids who weren't running for points. French dude did pretty well, he beat Wingram. Cumpster got third (only because he had a mild asthma attack midway through), Pat and the rest all got top ten, I think.

Girls did fairly well as well, good on them. Headed back to the bus, got some cake off Ms Dyke (since it was Cake Day at school), then headed home early.

Trip home was quiet because we were all munted. Stopped at Pakenham for some KFC (WHICH REOPENS IN SALE SOON!). Started getting a pretty bad headache between Morwell and Traralgon. Not good.

Get home, spend twenty minutes trying to drown myself in the shower, collapse on the couch then drag myself to bed. Didn't puke, heroic effort. Fevers suck.

Beardman woke me up this morning and I still felt like hell, so no school for me, just trying to sleep. Ears and throat were killing me too. Head out to the doctor's, he reckons it's viral, and says I should sit out tomorrow as well. Hurm. We'll see.

I miss being able to take sick days with no consequence. Now I actually want to go to school so I don't miss anything. Oh well.

Anyway. Meg tells me the Falls lineup got released, so I dragged myself to the computer to check it out. OMFG. SOO in. Tame Impala and the National, excellent bands, and the rest is pretty good too. Klaxons and The Middle East and a billion other cool bands, should be ever so much fun if (IF!?) we can get tickets. And the Pyramid lineup's not fancier. AND if Justice isn't playing somewhere close and non-bogany.

Tomorrow, if I'm alright, NO SPARE THURSDAY, otherwise, more time sitting in bed waiting to be ok again. Hurm. Lame.



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