Sunday, August 29, 2010

50th and LaTrobe University.

'Lo all.

Jesus god I'm tired as all hell.

Yesterday I got up really early and drove down to Simon's house, which was fine except for a kamikaze truck. Simon's place is pretty cool, everything is all automatic and just awesome. Caught up with the cousins and aunts and uncles, and Nan and Pa, since it was their fiftieth anniversary.

Everyone started leaving so Simon decided to break out his near-mint condition N64, and we had a few games of Goldeneye. I kicked Fraser's arse, naturally. Traded some pokemans with Josh too, he was awed by my stuff. Damn straight. Watched a couple of movies too.

Splice - ****
Dragged a bit, and you need a lot of suspension of disbelief (where is all the money coming from is the first question), but it's a pretty damn good film until the last half hour or so, then it gets weird. And it gets so weird, you're all like, this can't get any weirder, but THEN IT DOES. I've seen a lot of messed up films this year, but this one is pretty close to the top of the most messed up movies list.

The Game - ****1/2
Fincher film, can definitely see how Fight Club developed after this, and Zodiac (he seems to like San Fransisco). Very interesting, and it's claustrophobic by the end. I reckon the ending isn't real though, it just seems like too much.

Then today, dragged myself into the car to scream through the city, found LaTrobe after nearly getting lost in suburbia. I guess it's not a bad place, it's just that the others are better. Journalism course looks fairly standard, media studies is more about production, but everything else seems cool. Checked out one of the residential colleges, looks alright. Some bored third years showed me the tv studio, which was cool, though they admitted they had no idea what most of the flashing lights did. Saw Bernice and Alison after the media lecture, then checked out psych on the way out. Tram back to the city was an hour. This is not good.

Hung around in the city for a while, looked at the usual shops. Did not buy anything. I need to save for Powderfinger. SAVE! Saw Portishead's Third on vinyl with all the bonus stuff in Basement Discs, then they were playing Wandering Star outside a pub, I squeed. Caught the late train home, nothing particularly eventful apart from me remembering that I left my lit thing at school. Ryan, you're a lifesaver.

Right now, I'm sick of jotting down stuff about lit and I don't want to start media so here I am.

Tomorrow, SAC, media, might have to skip band... Ew.

Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

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