Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nosferatu Man.

'Lo all.

Today I finished off all my filming. Life is good.

This morning, get to school, assembly, the usual. No mention of Mr Clapper's takeover of St Pauls, which is interesting. Sam and I discussed how messed up Splice is. It's pretty messed up.

Spare first up is always glorious, really. Chatted to Potter and Gav. Slept. Cameron told us about Scott Pilgrim vs The World, which I'll probably have to find on dvd, unfortunately.

Off to media, where we had a sub and another worksheet activity that I started. Did more reading than typing though. Most kids were doing the production stuff anyway.

Slept through recess (as far as I can remember, jesus, my memory's crapping out as well), then off to maths where we asked a few questions, discussed muckup day business ("Chuck a rug over that fence, we'll get on the roof easy!"), then the second part of the SAC. Wasn't too bad. Definitely an odd feeling, which Nemo and Kelly pointed out. That's now 4/5ths of our subjects done, it's just revision now. Once history's done on Thursday, that'll be 3/5ths. Getting very spooky.

At lunchtime I rushed around hunting down science teachers so I could film in a lab. Dragged Gavin with me, eventually Mr Bacon let us film as long as a teacher hung around. So as Mr Dettbarn worked on his laptop we spraypainted a brain. Odd as that sounds. It was kinda fun.

Double lit was soporific. Not that it was boring, it's just that the entire theme of the stanza we were looking at for the entire double was all about relaxing and listlessness. Made us sleepy, which Dosser noticed. I do feel sorry for her sometimes.

After school, Denny helped me out filming some stuff in the music rooms, then off to Pat's. Jake was pissed because his actors hadn't shown up, Oliver eventually rocked up with a haircut, and Denny and Sam argued about how best to set my headphones on fire. Eventually we agreed that we should use lighter fluid, and lots of it. I just hope the footage I got will work, because it was very light. Oh well. If I have to reshoot on Saturday, I won't be that fussed, since I'll be working all Saturday. Headed to KFC, whinged about the usual suspects. Hot and spicy burgers are hot and spicy. Very good. Should do a ribwich road trip, since they're going.

Get home, internet's spasmodic, retreat to shed to read over some history stuff.

Bowling for Columbine - ***
Michael Moore is a dick. And yes, it's a tragic story and all that, but he's just a dick. Glorified Today Tonight report, sometimes. Still. It's interesting. The ending cut out on me, which is annoying.

And here I am. Tomorrow, gonna test out my healing ankle, and hopefully edit these four ads I filmed today. If I can't I'll be pissed.



Monday, August 30, 2010

Next in Line.

'Lo all.

Oh god, another Monday.

First up was bio in the computer room, with some confusing practice SAC thingy. Involved us going on a website from the very beginning of the internet, which was not particularly user-friendly. This resulted in most of the class getting stuck. Oh well.

Then lit, smashing this poem. Didn't have to do the oral thing either, which is good.

At recess I borrowed out the cameras again, going to finish all my filming tomorrow. In theory.

History next, read through another handout while Annie, Isobelle and Sarah stressed out over an ATAR calculator. Lauren and I were way too cool for that, though Isobelle reckons I'll do alright. Alright involves a lot of 40s. No pressure.

Then the maths SAC. Easier than I was expecting, might have been because it was almost all multiple choice. Took a guess on one question, and I had enough time to sort out another one. Tricky bit will be tomorrow.

At lunch, couldn't find media teacher, library wasn't open, so I figured I'd try to film some stuff. We worked out that the headphones will need a windproof bit to burn, and maybe a little lighter fluid. Then we found Ms Taylor and I scratched out a response to the homework. Media itself is getting very interesting, discussed James Bulger, started Columbine. Watched some of Michael Moore's film. I think I'll have to rent all his stuff, maybe tomorrow when it's cheap, watch em on the weekend.

Then a spare where Potter told us all about her exciting weekend. You dragged it out too much, man. Also invented a new game where I tried to stick an elastic band to the ceiling.

After school, headed to the media room. Oliver and Pat were starting to piece together footage, and for whatever reason Denny was there too, so naturally we all had to watch their bloopers. Emma and I got through a fair bit, though she's still indecisive about some of her photos. Mine is coming together alright, still need four more sequences, but they're the easiest ones. Then on Thursday I'll get voiceovers done. Clean up on Friday and Sunday. All done. Woot.

Walked down the street with Jess, chatted about uni. She seems to know what she's doing, which is good. Did two out the three things I needed to do, including buying half a frozen cow brain, then caught up with Megan and went home. Did my preferences tonight, which was surprisingly easy. SEAS, or the "please pay attention to my poor circumstances and give me money", was trickier. Probably shouldn't feel so guilty about it, but oh well.

Tomorrow is more maths, more media, and meh. Just want it to be over.



Sunday, August 29, 2010

50th and LaTrobe University.

'Lo all.

Jesus god I'm tired as all hell.

Yesterday I got up really early and drove down to Simon's house, which was fine except for a kamikaze truck. Simon's place is pretty cool, everything is all automatic and just awesome. Caught up with the cousins and aunts and uncles, and Nan and Pa, since it was their fiftieth anniversary.

Everyone started leaving so Simon decided to break out his near-mint condition N64, and we had a few games of Goldeneye. I kicked Fraser's arse, naturally. Traded some pokemans with Josh too, he was awed by my stuff. Damn straight. Watched a couple of movies too.

Splice - ****
Dragged a bit, and you need a lot of suspension of disbelief (where is all the money coming from is the first question), but it's a pretty damn good film until the last half hour or so, then it gets weird. And it gets so weird, you're all like, this can't get any weirder, but THEN IT DOES. I've seen a lot of messed up films this year, but this one is pretty close to the top of the most messed up movies list.

The Game - ****1/2
Fincher film, can definitely see how Fight Club developed after this, and Zodiac (he seems to like San Fransisco). Very interesting, and it's claustrophobic by the end. I reckon the ending isn't real though, it just seems like too much.

Then today, dragged myself into the car to scream through the city, found LaTrobe after nearly getting lost in suburbia. I guess it's not a bad place, it's just that the others are better. Journalism course looks fairly standard, media studies is more about production, but everything else seems cool. Checked out one of the residential colleges, looks alright. Some bored third years showed me the tv studio, which was cool, though they admitted they had no idea what most of the flashing lights did. Saw Bernice and Alison after the media lecture, then checked out psych on the way out. Tram back to the city was an hour. This is not good.

Hung around in the city for a while, looked at the usual shops. Did not buy anything. I need to save for Powderfinger. SAVE! Saw Portishead's Third on vinyl with all the bonus stuff in Basement Discs, then they were playing Wandering Star outside a pub, I squeed. Caught the late train home, nothing particularly eventful apart from me remembering that I left my lit thing at school. Ryan, you're a lifesaver.

Right now, I'm sick of jotting down stuff about lit and I don't want to start media so here I am.

Tomorrow, SAC, media, might have to skip band... Ew.

Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Totem on the Timeline.

'Lo everyone.

OMG it's Friday.

Foot is still kinda swollen but I can walk on it, hell yeah.

School was dull and raining and cold. In homeroom Mrs Ripon told us that Clap-daddy just signed a deal to make him an uberprincipal, so next year he'll be in charge of both grammar and St Pauls. That's pretty big, since St Pauls were our main GIS sport rivals.

Lit first up, got through most of a stanza. Not looking forward to the oral thing on Monday morning, especially since I left the handout in the common room and will be begging for help on Sunday night.

Then maths, where we all slept a little, despite the SAC on Monday. Monday's looking worse and worse already.

Recess was meh, headed to bio in the library, in the middle bit where there's computers and people walking past all the time. Stupid. Smashing this evolution stuff still. Back to the classroom, finally, had to play with counters. Almost fun.

At lunch, headed to the common room since nearly everyone was watching the school captain (in skirt) and his jock prefects lose a game of netball to the teachers, or in an english catchup. Traded a lot of pokemans with Denny, Ryan, Julian and Dayne, and then we went to the group drawing thing. Dohoho.

In spare, finished off the trading (I had four bloody DSs, had to get Cammo to help me), then watched as Sarah and Potter took photos of themselves on a mac with all the funny effects. Very amusing.

Finally history, got told my essay needed more detail, fair enough. I'll finish another one to show him, with historians and blackjack and hookers.

After school, chips, then we helped Hayden pick a book to buy with his voucher, and got sidetracked looking at the Dicktionary and Chuck Norris vs Mr T (funnily enough they're in the same section). Headed to the new KFC after that, it's very concretey, and we were sure a health inspector guy dropped in and took photos of the place while we were in there. We started planning muckup day. Very productive, since there was seven of us. Got a list of stuff to do. Ran into someone on the way home, wasted time, got home late and got in trouble. Typical.

Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne, to finally see Simon's awesome new house, and celebrate a 50th anniversary (jesus). Should be fun. I'll miss out on Potter's pubcrawl, but I'm sure she'll do others.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


'Lo all.

Went to bed relatively early last night, woke up early this morning, still feel like hell.

Anyway. Get to school, harrass Aiden's homeroom about getting the Pyramid lineup, didn't come out until we suffered through chapel. Forced to watch another Baldrick video. Not cool, I'm afraid.

Then maths, SAC on Monday, jesus. Not stressed. Questions are tedious, I'll just have to hurry. I know that Brenno will make all the questions really time consuming, to sort out the ones who haven't studied. Hurm.

At recess, Dayne handed us the lineup. And it's pretty crap, to be honest. Not into NERD, or the Temper Trap (as heretical as that sounds). A whole lot of lame triple J core bands, and even a few bands I've seen already as support acts like Liam Finn and Gypsy and the Cat (ew). No. Falls Festival for me, I think. The National, Klaxons, Tame Impala... so there. The trick will be finding money for tickets, and finding other people willing to go.

Then lit, Ms Dosser and I laughed about the Daily Show while everyone else looked lost, then ploughed through a bit more To Autumn. Dull poem. I know it's meant to be the most perfect in the english language, but To Melancholy's so much cooler.

Anyway. Bio in the library. Went over more evolution. I wish there was a creationist in the class I could bag out. Oh well. Bloody SAC for that next week too, goddamn.

Lunch was fairly dull. Bernice and I decided to go hunting for Ms Taylor to do some media work, but she wasn't there. ARGH. I need more time. So, headed up to the common room to bitch about the muckup day committee and how they're going to screw it up, then laughed at pokemans and demotivators. I'll miss lunchtimes like these, I think.

In history I finished an essay, handed it in, chatted to Isobelle. SAC for THAT as well next week. Gawd, I'm drowning. Maybe I'll put off getting my Ps for another week.

Finally media with a sub, read stuff about James Bulger. Pretty messed up. I've read worse.

After school was work, and it was very cold and miserable. Got caught in a sudden pissdown coming out of some guy's house. Then a headwind all the way back to the chemist when I thought I was done to drop off a script. Oh well.

Get home, haven't done a lot. Read an ancient Viz magazine from 1990. There's a lineup for the 1990 Reading Festival, The Cramps, Faith No More, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Mudhoney, Pixies, The Fall... good stuff. This year's is better, if only for QOTSA, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Klaxons, Pendulum, Crystal Castles, couple of other bands (oddly similar to Falls and Soundwave, no? Maybe we'll see some of these *COUGHCRYSTALCASTLESCOUGHARCADEFIRE* for BDO?). Goddamn I wish I was a teenager in the early nineties though.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday. Probably shouldn't go out Friday night. Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Even a Leg to Stand On.

'Lo all.

Frustrating. Just frustrating.

Yesterday I went to bed early, woke up sometime when it was still dark after these weird as hell dreams, then slept in til 8. This is not healthy and I need to start changing my sleeping patterns. Don't want sleep paralysis every night during exams or something.

Anyway. First up at school was media, smashed a couple more theories. We're moving on to case studies, and they're surprisingly grim. We got an autopsy report, stuff about school shootings and kids getting abducted, and bloody Bandura and his Bobo doll. Every psych kid in the room facepalmed.

Had a spare next, was good, very chilled out. Sudoku races are becoming a tradition. Kids were discussing the milk competition, then all the competitors were called to Ms Dyke's. Dammit.

Maths was annoying, because Nemo and I tackled a question and the end didn't make any sense. Oh well.

Then lit. Started another poem. Too tired. Dunno if I'll be able to read my own notes.

Brief house meeting where Adam Gilding yelled at us Lenin-style, then watched Pat scull two litres of milk then puke it all out again. Well done that man. I don't know what happened next because I went to running.

Lot of kids there today, felt good during the warmup. Whoever came in first got chocolate. On the way down a hill near the start, got sore foot stuck in something or rolled it over a rock. I dunno. It hurt like a boss, couldn't put weight on it. Limped back up the hill as every other kid went past and asked why I was limping. Dyko gave me an icepack. Goddamn. Not cool. Hopping and limping around. Sick of it.

Anyway, get back to school, watch the end of volleyball where the chaplain and a pair of girls took on some year eleven jocks and wiped the floor with them. Nice.

After school, haven't done a lot. Worked on history a bit, probably not enough. I'll show him what I've got tomorrow, SAC's creeping up.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday. It's going to be hell. Plus the Pyramid lineup comes out, gotta check that out.




Tuesday, August 24, 2010


'Lo all.

Still not functioning properly.

Got up far too late today, sprint to school, sleep through assembly, where the French kids put on a killer slideshow, sleep through history and media. On top of both though.

After recess, maths. I died. Twenty minutes of bio too, radiocarbon dating is sooo duullll.

Driving lesson next. Woke me up. Trev says I'm doing well, one more lesson then I should take the test. Hell yeah.

At lunch, sat around whinging about lit with Bernice while Aiden and Dayne tried to get a box on Gavin's head while he talked to Tabby. This escalated quickly. Eventually Gavdog was chasing about a dozen of them. Lol. Girls were all weird after bitching out at netball last night. Interesting.

We had a pop quiz for lit. Did alright. Dosser was surprised that I knew what synecdoche meant. I should be finding some examples now. Mmrr.

Then a spare, someone had put up a very amusing message to the French kids on the window. Lucky they took it down quickly. Chilled out, played some ball and cup game. Slow.

After school, headed to the chicken shop with Oliver, then filmed three or four scenes for his media thing. Good fun, especially watching Ryan try to beat up Jake then run away.

Went home, haven't done much.

Tomorrow is running. Joy.



Monday, August 23, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Too damn tired.

Slept in today, that's bad. Too cold out.

First up was bio, apparently I know everything about geology because Beardman does. Sorry Mrs Brown, I don't.

Then maths, pretty slow.

Can't remember much from recess, went to history, got down to essay research and plan. Not looking forward to the SAC next week, but oh well.

At lunch everyone had disappeared. Followed Bernice to the media room, finished off cutting together another ad. That's two down. 7 to go. Then filters. Then voice over. Hurm. Lot to do in two weeks.

Media itself was good, get to be a cynical bastard and bag out stupid shows.

Then spare. Since Sam, Pat and Aiden were there, we discussed the milk drinking competition then played Gavin's ball and cup game. Heaps of fun.

Band seemed to go so slow. Was hungry, probably didn't help.

Get home, get down to history essay, haven't done as much as I would have liked. Oh well. I'll show him what I've got so far.

I'm too tired. Hurm.

Tomorrow, I don't know. Driving lesson, maybe. Gotta see what all the girls are arguing about too.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deakin Open Day.

'Lo all.

Today, I got a text message at 620 telling me I would be getting picked up from Annie's at 7. Argh. Got to Annie's just after seven, turns out the rest had headed to my place when I said I was running there. Oh well.

Anyway, trip up was alright, stopped in Yarragon for coffee, thank gawd. Annie showed me her pokemans. Couldn't fall asleep. Lot of whinging about the election.

Get to Deakin, conquer Isobelle's mum's fear of parking places, then find the bit with all the free stuff. And so much free stuff. Wristbands, highlighters, fortune cookies, pens, lollies, so much awesome. Then we hit the subject exhibition, and there was more free stuff. Saw Denny and Kelly and a racing car, and Jordan and a whole lot of weird IV bags. Got the usual stuff on journalism and media.

After that, checked out the residence places (WANT!), then got chinese food. Had more of a look around, lot of stalls for societies like the Pride one ("What's tha- oh.") and the Christian one. Got more free stuff. Lulu and Annie nicked off to a psych lecture so Isobelle and I burnt an hour checking out the science thing. They'd set up a lab with a dozen microscopes and a blood pressure tester and skulls and skeletons goddamn everywhere, it was so cool.

Hit the media lecture, they seemed to rush through it way too much. I think I'm liking Swinburne more than Deakin. Swinburne's all about adapting to new media, but then Deakin's established a lot of internships and stuff, so more employment opportunities. Hurm. See what happens.

After that the girls had to hit a free photobooth thing (huge line of other girls), then we found Isobelle's mum and went home. Triple J was playing a Tame Impala live set, which was aaaawesome.

Get home, sisters are packing for their trip to Canberra. Brings back memories of putting on an itchy jumpsuit and freefalling, and being bored to death in all the museums and stuff that didn't have dinosaurs or treasure.

Tomorrow is double history Monday. Which would be awesome if my usb worked and the school email wasn't dead so I could email my essay. Meh. Riesdawg will be cool with it.



Saturday, August 21, 2010


'Lo all.

Wasted today, really.

Got up early, called work, they said they didn't need me, went back to sleep.

Just before three Fraser wakes me up again and tells me to vote. Mmrr.

Get down to St Pats, no crowd, get form, vote Sex Party number 1 (dohohoho). Don't like Family First. Don't like the Christian party either. Or Hunters and Fishers. Socialists are screwed, but at least they're trying.

Hang around picking up supplies down the street, then go home and burn more time. Decide to get my arse into gear.

Zombieland - *****
I like this film. Might have been because I read World War Z last week. Bill Murray is awesome. End scene is excellent.

Sketched out history and started lit, then figured screw it since there wasn't a clear election result yet.

The Warriors - *****
Another really good film, been on my list for ages. Not as violent as was advertised, and the costumes are a little off (dunno about the baseball bat guys), but a fun watch. Will watch again, and make sure everyone else does too.

Beardman just got back from counting ballots, he seems exhausted, and the kids on facebook who did it too are sick of it. Looks like Labor are celebrating already. Oh well. Get rid of the internet filter!

Tomorrow, gonna party hard down at Deakin, if Isobelle gets back to me about a lift, otherwise I'll have to train it. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, August 20, 2010


'Lo all.

It's good to finally have the weekend here.

Last night, after reading about bio class, Beardman got excited and gave me handfuls of fossils to show Mrs Brown. Showed Mrs Brown, she got really excited too. Everyone else, not so much (except for the mad fish). Still fun though. Smashed through a geological timescale activity.

Then history, planned out another essay which I'll write tomorrow. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Recess involved hunting down Ms Dyke again. Fun and exciting.

Then double media. I've now got one full ad edited together, now I just need filters and voice over. Got another one halfway done. Also got all the footage uploaded. Still have four more scenes to shoot but if I get them all done next week I'll be fine. Checked out Pat's recording of Broken Ocean from my party, which was awesome.

Had a driving lesson after that, didn't do as well as last time, lots of little mistakes. Oh well, it's all practice. Dude says I need to chill out. Fair enough. Ps soon.

Get back to school, buy one pie get another one free because I think the tuck shop ladies pity me and my thinness, then head up to the common room to chill with Potter and Gavin while Georgia and Sarah went on Texts From Last Night (WAAY better than FML!).

Maths last. I feel sorry for Mr Brennan sometimes, with this class last on a Friday. Slow.

After school, chips with Ryan, Denny, Hayden and Pat, decide to hit the cinema later, check out Sanity, then Denny and I grab a lift. Pizza for tea, then walk to Denny's where Aiden and I watch a bizarre episode of One Piece, then Pat and Hayden drop in (Pat wearing pyjama pants and a tie), and we get half of the pokemon movie watched. Decide to head out, Pat and Aiden drink a litre of milk each.

On Wednesday, there is a milk drinking competition. 2litres. One lunchtime. 20 challengers. Should be fun. Pat figured they should be practicing.

Anyway, get to the cinema, tell Sam to get there, see Fraser and his loud friends.

The Expendables - ****
Big, stupid action. Huge budget Steven Seagal film. What's that, you want plot? You want character development? You want drama? No! You get mindless, badarse action. People getting blown in half and decapitated and stuff. This is 300-with-guns. Good film. Grows you chest hair.

Afterwards. Walked to maccas. Dissect movie ("HE CUT THE GUY'S HEAD OFF!" "HE GOT BLOWN IN HALF!""HOW DID HE DESTROY ALL THE BUNKERS?!" "OH GOD JIZZ"), then swap stories. Fraser tagged along. Funny watching him try to fit in. Had a good time, got a lift home with Aiden.

Tomorrow is work and homework day. My favourite.



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ringo Deathstarr.

'Lo everyone.

Make it end! Argh.

Today was surprisingly warm, but it rained a lot. Go figure.

Extended homeroom was boring, chapel was worse, got to watch Baldrick and some chav attempt to explain the parable of the Good Samaritan in a hip and cool way. Not funny, Baldrick.

In bio, we're doing fossils. I feel I have come full circle from first learning about the bastards in those dinosaur magazines in kinder. Jesus. Going to smash this section. Our homework for the weekend is to watch Jurassic Park. Greatest homework ever.

Not much else going on at recess, head to spare and actually get down to doing some work. Of course, the one day I do work is the same day that the girls decide to straighten everyone's hair. Gavin was first. He has short hair that's curly. He looked like a rockstar when it was done. Then they did Cameron, who looked like a politician. Wrestled me in next. Looked like Matty T, my hair is too long. Looked WRONG. Ziggy next, and he got the cool treatment. Jay had a go, and made himself look twice as much like a girl. Photos will be up on facebook.

Lunch was pretty quiet, chilled with the usual suspects, had glorious chicken from the tuck.

Then history, where Mr Ries cracked jokes about my hair, and Goody asked if I'd be interested in going to the gym. Hurm.

Lit was dull, group work. It was all confusing as well. Not looking forward to finishing an essay tonight, writing another one tomorrow night, then writing a third next week. Then even more for revision, aaargh.

After school was work. Half the people I visit are in hospital at the moment, which is sad.

Tonight, have been chipping away at lit. I'm so tempted to just give up and call it done. Mrs Dosser understands my idea and the reasoning, and it's been cleaned up. Maybe just half an hour more.

Tomorrow is Friday. Driving lesson. Media work. That's about it.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


'Lo all.

Never skipping sport again.

Today was grey and bad.

First up was bio, we're screaming through evolution. I think I'm getting it. Joy.

Then media, more influence stuff, is good too. Good god, two subjects I'm enjoying.

At recess I hung around Ms Henry's office. I am sick and my foot has been killing me for the last few days, so Beardman and I figured I probably shouldn't be running half a dozen ks around Longford today. To get out of a sport because of illness, it's not good enough to have a note. You have to show it to the vice principal, then get it checked again. Anyway, this took up most of my recess, I'll whinge more later. Ms Henry said I was scruffy looking and recommended a haircut. Dammit, only like eight weeks left, come on!

History was going over notes. Going to hand in an essay on Friday. I think.

Then lit, Dosser arrived and said she had to do something else so we had a spare. Oh well. Hung out in the common room with Sam and Nemo and the rest, while Jake went through his footage for media. Something went wrong so now he has to reshoot a lot of it, the poor bastard.

The Long Lunch was dull, and cold. Wandered around with Dayno and Isaac, watched the girls soccer for a bit, then chilled with Aiden to watch the blokes chew bubblegum and kick arse. The girls won their game but the dudes lost. Caught up with Isobelle as she got her very first detention for accidently having her hair out, then Sarah who was getting harrassed about wearing a hoodie because it was cold. Suddenly everyone is nazis.

Headed to the library, had to get checked again, grabbed a paper. If you're allowed to be in there, you have to be double checked and closely supervised. I thought it was chill and read the paper time, guess I was wrong. Mrs Brown came over and told me to stop and do my homework instead. Hurm. Then she said I should be going to bio tutorials, which is probably a good idea. I treat my lunchtimes as sacred.

After scratching out a plan for history, got released. Alison got sprung skipping badminton to watch the soccer, and Agnik got sprung skipping indoor soccer to help debaters. OH GOD MORE DETENTIONS. What on earth is going on. Agnik seemed a little shellshocked. Detentions are nothing to worry about. Chillax, man.

Anyway, went home, have been slowly going through the reflective commentary for lit. That'll be done tomorrow, then I do history. Then I've got another lit essay to write. Man, I'm going to have a fun weekend.




Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neon Bible.

'Lo all.

Oh god so busy today.

I woke up too late today, then had to rush down the street to an ATM to find money. I forgot my DS and my lunch in the rush, dammit.

Get to school, assembly first up, fascinating stuff. Ziggy got props from the principal for being one of the best IT kids in the entire state, which is pretty damn awesome.

Slept for my spare. It's becoming a routine. Gavin walks in with paper, Potter asks for oddspot, then they all fight over the sudoku. Tahlia told us about her tumultuous visit to the dentist's, where she fainted. She lol'd.

At recess, hung around Ms Dyke's office for an exit pass. Sprinted to maths, then fell asleep. Girls were whinging. Smashed down the work, headed out to meet Trevor for a driving lesson. I'm getting pro at parallel parking. Two or three more lessons then Ps. Woo.

Get back in time to buy a pie (and they gave me a free sausage roll!) from the tuck, chill with Lulu and the rest while they plotted their Schoolies roadtrip. Dunno how we'll lash together a hundred couches to build a huge fort in Queensland, or get them there, but it'll be a fun ride either way.

Double lit was alright, Mrs Dosser didn't really seem into it. Gotta write an essay this weekend, how fun. In Mrs Cartledge's language class next door, we could hear all the kids laughing and running around. Didn't sound like language class. Turns out they were all hiding from Carto and locked her out of the front door, so when she came through our classroom she saw them all sitting as if nothing went wrong. We figured they'd either all get detentions or she'd laugh with them, because she's cool sometimes.

After school, headed to Madden's Glass to get some footage for media, one of the dudes said he was going to do all these cool glass tricks like drop a huge sheet without smashing it but he didn't for whatever reason. Oh well. Caught up with Denny, Ryan and Oliver for chips, got supplies, checked out Toyworld (omg nostalgia, want me some lego!), then walked home. Had a lot of fun filming Oliver getting hit by a car. First take he slid himself off. That would look so stupid the right way around. Then when we put all the blood on him, and made him lie on the road, a car stopped because it looked like he'd died and we were taking photos. Oh my.

After that, not a lot. Beardman made me have a look at the sky, and it was pretty cool. The moon had a ring around it. Weird. So, we experimented with the fancy SLR camera and got a couple of alright pictures, I'll have to chuck them on facebook.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Dunno if I should be running or not because my foot is still playing up. Plus I'm half sick still.




Monday, August 16, 2010

No Cars Go.

'Lo readers.

God help us all. Down to about five weeks of school (plus a week of holidays and a week of practice exams).

Today was really cold and really windy and it rained a lot. My foot still hurts, so it wasn't fun to walk around. Plus I'm still a bit sick. Plus everyone else is now sick. So, yeah, good Monday.

Anyway, bio first up, got SAC back, I passed, not many other kids did. They naturally weren't very happy about this. Then a bit more about evolution, which I'm cool with so far.

Then lit, where we got a lecture on writing technique. More on this later.

Recess was cold and wet.

Maths was quiet, no motivation though. Nemo and Bernice seemed worried about playing netball since it was pouring, then we could see blue sky, then it was raining again. Messed up.

In history we got told how to write essays. Different to lit because it's all about cramming in evidence, no fancy crap. Lit is all about fancy crap, and making sure you use an expanded vocabulary in such a way that it reflects the way the author has constructed the text. Hurm. Then more movie. Fairly sure Gerard Depardieu is in it. That or huge noses are common in France.

Lunch. Common room. Much warmer than outside in the cold. Hayden drew on the board and had a coffee from the jar, while Isaac and I talked music and Denny, Dayne and I did dealings about pokemans.

Off to media, we're starting influence. Awesome. Watched McDonald's ads. This will be a fun unit.

Spare was good. Chilled out, stole Hayden's coffee idea. Georgia jumped me. Potter and Gavin fought over the sudoku in the paper. Business as usual.

Dragged self to band, caught up with Claire about Falls, we all failed at music, then went down the street but the shops were shut, dammit.

And now I've just been wasting time. Should really have done more history or maths.

Tomorrow, Doubles Day, and I have a driving lesson. Then I get to do some filming.



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melbz and Swinburne Open Days.

'Lo all.

Yesterday I worked, then watched Scrubs while doing history readings.

Today, I got up extra early, walked to the station (was rescued by Jake's mum), then jumped on the train with Jake and Isobelle. Enjoyable trip up. Got to Flinders St, Jake's brother met him and gave him a Malaysian finger piano. Pretty cool. They nicked off to Swinburne Prahran.

Isobelle and I grabbed dounts, Starbucks coffee, then caught a tram to Melbourne Uni. Pretty busy. Cold outside too. Went exploring, found the arts faculty, missed the lecture by ten minutes. Instead, went out to the displays and picked up all the handouts, briefly saw Emma and Mike, then met Bernice and Annie. We split up, Isobelle went to check out the residences while the rest of us headed to Hawthorn.

Swinburne gave us lollies. They win. Got all the handouts, found a journalism lecture that was about to start, sat in for that. I like the approach they've got, cos it's a new course for them they're doing it in a different way to all the other universities, with more of a focus towards the future. Then found another lecture about media studies, which sold me. All about media influence and how it's used. Seems cool. Might combine the two of them.

After hanging around chatting to the lecturers for a while, we got a train back into the city as it started pouring. Met the others in Minotaur, made fun of the nerdy stuff ("Jimi Hendrix plushie? $50 book on David Lee Roth? What the hell are all these comics?!"), then it shut so we got maccas and regrouped with everyone. Since we had an hour and a half to kill, nicked off to Galactic Circus. Kids were panicking about running out of time and missing the train, but we had some fun, at least. Got on at Flinders, got good seats, read over the million pages of uni propaganda we got.

Definitely not liking the look of Melbourne Uni. Oh well. I've got other preferences now. Isobelle read our palms. We're all screwed.

Got a lift home and here I am. My foot hurts. I'm bloody falling apart.

Tomorrow is Monday. Gotta go shopping for supplies. Joy.



Friday, August 13, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Left this a little late.

Oh god what the hell should not have gone to school today.

First up was lit, reflective commentary next week sounds like ever so much fun.

Then maths, turns out I haven't missed much at all.

At recess, gave Bernice some RMIT stuff, caught up with the rest of them. Wish I wasn't so damn tired.

Double bio could have been worse, we're starting evolution. No creationist rubbish either, which is excellent. Had some meh activity where we had to breed and kill paper bugs to show natural selection.

At lunchtime Pat got his revenge on some year nines who were squirting waterbottles out of windows around the gym by squirting Oliver's coke in. We lol'd.

Then spare, checked out Kate's video of Gavin and Sarah trying to get the ping pong ball in the jar, then Jacko and Jay walked in with KFC. Shop's back open, line went for ages, apparently.

Off to history, another video. Poor Desmoulins and Danton. So rich and corrupt.

After school, sorted stuff out for media, and that's about it. Megan lent me the first Pokemon movie. Movie night coming up soon, I think.

Tomorrow is work, then cleaning up lit and catching up history stuff, so I can write an essay. Fantastic.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready To Start?

'Lo all.

Head is still stuffed up. Woke up this morning feeling like hell. Doc says I should take another day off, so I took another day off. Looks like all of Saturday will be catchup work if I'm not needed at Bis.

Didn't really get up to much. Watched a lot of Scrubs. New Arcade Fire album is pretty good, if they play at the Big Day Out I'd be down to see them.

Tomorrow's going to suck.

Appreciate all the concern from everyone.



(is it wrong that there's about a dozen people I want to excommunicate on facebook because they just post goddamn lyrics every half hour, or join a million useless groups for no reason? Angry).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Not To Roll.

'Lo all.

I'm still alive.

Yesterday was ever so much fun. Bus trip up was meh, then it started pouring about the same time we hit Melbourne.

Get to the place, we're all a bit nervous. Radio says it's ten degrees outside, and it's still raining. Head out for a warmup after meeting the French guy (who was pretty cool, and has enough balls to sign up for this), then get told the race has been brought forwards fifteen minutes. Jesus god. Do a lap or two with Cumpster, then we're in the starting box. Oh god oh god oh god.

Mud. So much mud. Mud everywhere. The rest is pretty meh. I wasn't running for points. Not as much motivation. Just don't be the last grammar kid to finish.

So, up the hill, absolute hell, did the extra klick up for the mark on my arm, on the way back some kid that was running in a hoodie (wtf?! seriously) tried to take it off while running, gave it to some of his team mates who were already walking. Kept close to Wingram and this other guy with hair like me, started catching up to him by the end, but he beat me at the very end. Oh well. I got 15th, same as I think the last two years. Beat one of the other grammar kids who weren't running for points. French dude did pretty well, he beat Wingram. Cumpster got third (only because he had a mild asthma attack midway through), Pat and the rest all got top ten, I think.

Girls did fairly well as well, good on them. Headed back to the bus, got some cake off Ms Dyke (since it was Cake Day at school), then headed home early.

Trip home was quiet because we were all munted. Stopped at Pakenham for some KFC (WHICH REOPENS IN SALE SOON!). Started getting a pretty bad headache between Morwell and Traralgon. Not good.

Get home, spend twenty minutes trying to drown myself in the shower, collapse on the couch then drag myself to bed. Didn't puke, heroic effort. Fevers suck.

Beardman woke me up this morning and I still felt like hell, so no school for me, just trying to sleep. Ears and throat were killing me too. Head out to the doctor's, he reckons it's viral, and says I should sit out tomorrow as well. Hurm. We'll see.

I miss being able to take sick days with no consequence. Now I actually want to go to school so I don't miss anything. Oh well.

Anyway. Meg tells me the Falls lineup got released, so I dragged myself to the computer to check it out. OMFG. SOO in. Tame Impala and the National, excellent bands, and the rest is pretty good too. Klaxons and The Middle East and a billion other cool bands, should be ever so much fun if (IF!?) we can get tickets. And the Pyramid lineup's not fancier. AND if Justice isn't playing somewhere close and non-bogany.

Tomorrow, if I'm alright, NO SPARE THURSDAY, otherwise, more time sitting in bed waiting to be ok again. Hurm. Lame.



Monday, August 9, 2010

To Be A Rock.

'Lo everyone.

I just freaking love Mondays. Especially when they are really cold, they are my absolute favourites.

Anyway, I better make this brief, I've left it too late and I have to get up early.

I woke up too late again. This is not good. I chucked my media stuff on a usb since the internet was down and read a bio textbook over coffee. Scream to school, Dayne and Sarah ask me to go over a couple of last minute things. Don't panic. Don't panic.

Get into the SAC, get handed a stick of corn, get counting. We had to count each separate kernel. Then more questions. I dunno, I could have done really well or really meh. We'll see.

Then maths, didn't really do a lot, just more whinging about bio and catching up with Bernice about her adventures in the commentary box.

Recess. Still cold. Printed essay.

Double history was ok, we just went through a couple of handouts. Damn essay for this one is getting closer, not looking forward to it at all.

At lunchtime, scrawled out a plan for media, was in a bit of a rush but it was legible, dammit. Walked up with Belle, we both whinged about how we're unprepared, then smashed the goddamn essay bit. Had enough time to scrounge a few more of the easy marks too. I just hope Ms Taylor can read what I wrote. Get to finish the short answers on Wednesday, yay.

Enjoyed my spare, chatted to Goody about Soundwave over one of his scratch coffees (no spoons), while Sarah harrassed Potter about her past and Gavin tried to type up SRC minutes.

Picked up a free pair of running shorts (GREEN IS BAD! WHITE IS GOOD! They can't make money off the green ones), headed to band, Mr C is not happy that I'm running tomorrow, since it's Cake Day and the band has to play. Oh well. Take it up with Ms Dyke.

Hung out with Oliver and Claire afterwards, then went home in the cold where I have not done very much homework. Instead, I read a mortician's stories, which were really interesting if a little morbid.

Tomorrow, KEILOR! PARK! ICCES! CROSS COUNTRY!!!! I'm going to die. Seriously.



Sunday, August 8, 2010

RMIT Open Day (again).

'Lo all.

I just wasted five minutes reading August 2008's blog posts. I can see that I've improved a bit. Definitely less feelings crap, which is good.

Anyway, yesterday I got up early and got ready for work, but then I gave them a call and they said not to come in. Damn, Spent all of yesterday going through media and bio stuff. Ever so much fun.

Today, got up extra early, got a lift to the station. Hung out with Jake, and waited to see who else would rock up. Ended up with Sian, Claire and Ruby. Train trip up was fairly uneventful, cept we were all almost falling asleep.

Get to Melbourne, we all headed straight to KFC. Lucky the one in Sale is opening back up again soon. Then slowly headed to RMIT itself. Jake and I had a look around at all the displays, asked a few questions, grabbed a lot of sheets, and found ourselves showbags. I checked out a journalism/media presentation while he hit an advertising one. There's another course which I hadn't paid attention to which caught my eye, which was professional communication. It was sorta a mix of journalism and media production stuff, so you don't really specialise but you end up with more mad skillz. Something to think about.

Wandered around for a bit more, checked out some scholarship stuff, had a look at the two types of psych (six years is tooo loonngg), then met Jake again and we grabbed a shuttle bus to the RMIT residence thing. It looked like a very fancy hotel. Nearly every room had a balcony, and there was a pool. We took a tour with a wisecracking smart arse called Nick, checked out a hipster design student's room, and got all separated in the lifts. I wish it all wasn't so expensive.

After that, we figured screw it, we've seen enough. Checked out a record store (a new one, lots of dvds, but none that I'm looking for, plus Portishead's Third on vinyl, aargh!), then got krispy kreme donuts (the best). Checked out Fed Square, then got on the train.

It was packed. Lotta footy fans. Jake and I were sitting on the floor until about Pakenham, when the crowd lessened a bit, and we made a dash to the front of the train to sit with Claire and Sian. Saw Matty T and Damo at the other end. We chatted about schoolies and muckup day and how cool RMIT was, and did not do any biology work. This is bad. Jake's mum gave me a lift home from Traralgon, and since I got home I've been churning out a media essay, and catching up with some kids.

Tomorrow is the start of the Hell Week. Two SACs, one for bio which I'm moderately prepared for, and one for media that still needs work. Then band. Then on Tuesday, got the ICCES cross country at Keilor. My favourite. Wednesday will be dull, and I need to organise a million different things. Thursday has no spare. Friday will probably be the end of the world or something, I just won't care anymore.



Friday, August 6, 2010

The Well and the Lighthouse.

'Lo all.

No post last night, my bad.

Trundled off to school yesterday, got shooed into the hall for a cyber safety seminar. An hour and a half of an ex-police officer trying to scare us into doing the "right thing" for our "online reputation". Based on what she said, we're all screwed.

Then double spare, enjoyed noodles and a coffee, chilled with Potter and Sarah until a buttload of maths and english kids came in. Far too noisy.

Lunch was quiet, hit the common room, went downstairs, went to the locker room cos it was cold. Debated with the others about hitting the pub, got a couple of kids interested.

Then history, watched more movie, which was alright.

Since Ms Dosser had a SAC to supervise, we lost a lit class. Spent it chatting to Sam and Nemo and the rest. Oh well.

Headed to work, was dead by the end of it. As soon as I sat down to chill, Denny, Kelly and Jess arrived.

Watched some Burnt Face Man since it was so damn early, then headed to the Star for a game of pool, then to Jack's to meet with some other kids. Leighton was down from South Australia, and it was Amelia's birthday. We hung around outside but left for a maccas run at just the right time.

After maccas, ran into Jasmine (odd), ended up in Ringers. Couple more games of pool, got steadily more wasted, watched the karaoke. Derek, Wiffy and Jake did The Darkness's I Believe In A Thing Called Love, complete with falsetto chorus, because the DJ asked nicely, then the rest went up to do My Heart Will Go On. Meanwhile, an American guy and his dad started hitting on Jess, and they called her and me the people on Titanic. Those crazy drunken yanks.

Anyway, a couple of dudes did Bohemian Rhapsody really well, Aiden and Jason and I (the last men standing) decided to have one more drink, then we nicked off when the lights went on, grabbing a spare taxi. Good night out, fairly cheap too.

Today, woke up before 2pm (feels good man), did Aiden's Friday run, and have been wasting time since.

Tomorrow is work and media day, if I get that done, do some bio work too. Sunday will be RMIT and bio day otherwise.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010


'Lo all..

Hurm again.

Too cold today, was a little late to school, bio first up, ever so much fun. Not looking forward to the SAC on Monday at all.

Then media, went over stuff for the SAC on Monday. Actually, I'm not looking forward to Monday at all.

At recess a lot of kids nicked off to kick arse at Phillip Island.

History was ok, Sarah and I hunted down something on google books, then I impressed Mr Ries by (illegally) printing it using printscreen.

Off to lit, since half the class was gone Dossertron sent us off to work on the creative things again. Added another two hundredish words to mine, so I guess it's not all bad.

The Long Lunch was long and fairly dull. Had noodles, said happy birthday to Claire, then wasted time downstairs in the cold.

Running training wasn't too bad, cept I owe Jess a beer because I figured we'd be doing technique and hill work. Loki, Tsuby and I headed out with Will and Jess, we took one of the little tracks and thought we lost Jess, then took another one that seemed to never end. My chest and arm hurt. Didn't think much of it til it went numb at the end, asked Ms Dyke about it, she said I might be having a heart attack but I shouldn't worry about it. Hurm.

Get back to school, head down the street, my shorts ripped, which is annoying. Waste time because I had no motivation to spend half an hour ironing out my lit thing, then headed to school for a post VCE information evening. The most important part was the most confusing, which was about Centrelink's Youth Allowance. It's complete rubbish.

Tomorrow, have two periods about CYBER SAFETY (OH GOD SO MUCH LOL) so I may be trolling a little, then double spare, then handing in lit work. Eep. Then karaoke, maybe.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Centre of the City at Night.

'Lo everyone.


I don't feel well. And my arm hurts like hell and has an odd lump in it, which scares me a little.

Anyway, headed to school, Ms Dosser made a joke in assembly that we all giggled at, and we roared the crappy hymn. Teachers were a little stunned. Maybe they'll ban us from singing.

Enjoyed a spare in the sun under a giant poster of Ms Henry staring out into the quadrangle, warning kids to pick up their rubbish. Very 1984, well done James.

In media, smashed another social value, now I just need to finish the SAC by Thursday. Joy.

Recess was cold. Lots of throwing banana skins into the bin, but we all missed because we suck.

Double maths was sloooow. Nemo was putting Kelly and I to sleep because she kept yawning.

At lunchtime, everyone disappeared, so while we waited for them to come back Cumpster borrowed a basketball and tried to get us to head to the hockey pitch. Eventually, about seven of us headed down for some old fashioned Gork.

First thing we realised, we don't have enough kids. Second thing, we're all terribly unfit. So it was a short game. Tom, Sam and Steve are bloody terrifying on a good charge.

Then double lit, Dosser got rid of us pretty quick and told us work on the creative things. Ryan and I headed to the library and spent a period chipping away at it, discussing stupid. Got kicked into the VCE study room, where things were pretty quiet. Ryan edited the cover of his poetry book, it's now about John Keat's Major Worksafe Policies.

After school, got chips with Emily and Ryan, bought a couple of books, sprinted home, got changed, went to work, and screamed through all the dishes. Pretty dull. Listened to the new Birds of Tokyo album, it's not bad.

Get home, slowly getting through this media thing, but I don't know if I'm answering in enough detail, and the essay at the end might have a lot of repitition from the actual questions. Oh well, good thing it's not the actual SAC.

Tomorrow, Long Lunchtime, running training, then a seminar about post VCE options. Ever so much fun!


Anyway, the end.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Throne is Made of Gold.

'Lo all.


I slept in way too much this morning, as usual. Off to school through the drizzle.

First up was bio, somehow the whole class got through a giant cross breed chart thing on the board together.

Lit next, slowly worked through some annotations of my draft and read some more letters.

At recess we were herded to the chapel to pick up our mid year results. I got an A for biology. Woo.

Off to history, where we watched most of a documentary. I need to catch up on what I missed on Friday.

Then maths, got distracted.

Lunch. Kinda dull. Chilled with the usual suspects.

Finally media, smashed through more social values stuff, not long til the SAC though.

Enjoyed a spare after that, chatting to kids about parties and such. Potter wants everyone to go out for her eighteenth at the end of the month. What about the poor kids who aren't old enough yet?

Went to work as soon as I got home, bike is (relatively) fixed, weather was awful, which made things fun. Everything on this Monday run is too spread out, no good. Dropped into the library to hunt down a book, saw a couple of familiar faces but not the book I was after.

Home, haven't done a lot. Meh.

Tomorrow is doubles day. I'm going to get a lot done, I can tell.



Sunday, August 1, 2010


'Lo all.

Today I got up far too early. All for nothing.

As soon as I step outside, it starts raining. Not good. Figured I'd probably be late to work, so I sprint there as the rain gets heavier. Get to work, all the chefs look at me awkwardly, tell me to talk to Bec, who confers with the Boss and apologises. Sends me home. It was pouring by now.

So, not happy.

And since it was raining, can't set fire to things for media. Hurm.

The Royal Tenembaums - ***
Not as funny as I'd hoped, good, messed up story, trademark Wes Anderson visuals. Life Aquatic was way better.

After that, Janine dropped in, then headed to Marilyn's, got to drive Harry's ancient tank of a Brumby around, lots of hill starts. Then awesome food, and now here I am.

Tomorrow is Monday, gotta work for the chemist. Oh well.


Anyway, the end.