Thursday, July 15, 2010


'Lo all.

I kinda forgot to post last night, I was dead tired.

Yesterday wasn't particularly eventful anyway. Had cross country running with Jess, went out with Loki and Tsuby, got lost in the Pines, made it back in one piece. Then had to work, where we got smashed. Booked out restaurant, but because there was a show on they ALL wanted meals by 7. Ever so much fun.

Then today, had a very disturbing dream (there was a lot of fire, second time this week), then woke up too late but got to school in time to get excited about valedictory! Yay valedictory! I'm so excited!

Not really. Patrick and I hunted down Mr Ries because he is a pretty cool guy, etc, and he agreed to join us. Absolute legend. Bit trickier trying to wrangle Aiden, since he was meant to be sitting at a vice-captain's table (Tara was also not very happy with this). Then off to chapel, where they had rearranged the seats and it was confusing and different.

Then maths. Pretty slow. Felt a bit sorry for Mr Brennan, because he's never been invited to a valedictory by the students. Naaaw. Tugs at the heartstrings.

After recess, lit, screamed through the first half of Melancholy. I think I'm almost starting to kind of enjoy Keats. That rat bastard. Depressing by the end though.

Bio next. Always ever so much fun watching clickview movies. It's like youtube but lame, and with less cats!

Thank gawd for lunchti-OH WAIT WHAT'S THAT YOU WANT SOME MORE LIT!? So, off we went for another stanza of Melancholy, which ended up being just as depressing as the first. Ms Dosser seems to be enjoying herself though. From the classroom, we could hear everyone (mainly Pat) screaming chapel hymns, which was very amusing.

Next was history. Steve revealed that he was Steve Grzentic the Third. That's just awesome. Seriously. That's three generations worth. He should name his son Steve too, start a proper dynasty. 'course, since we were so excited we kinda accidently got him moved. Sorry bro.

Finally media, started going through the film again. Meh. We needed more opportunities for double entendres.

After school, screamed down the street, did a bit of shopping (FINALLY PICKED UP OLDBOY YAY!), then worked. Still sore from running yesterday, I think. Oh well.

Get home, finish half of literature, watch some more Pure Pwnage, then decided to hook up my iPod and feed it some fresh new music. It basically died and refused. I nearly panicked. 50gb worth is not something I want to just lose. But I fixed it. I guess things could be worse.

I'm now watching the stupidest tv show ever created. It's about finding 'the most beautiful person in the world'. The contestants are all guidos or plastic women. They are as vapid as they are stupid. And so self centred, and because it's a competition they're all more awful than what they'd usually be. It's a little amusing, but also very depressing. If I had any faith in humanity left, I would have lost a whole lot more.

And Tame Impala's touring in October, lotta kids want to go mosh out before exams. I'm in. The Drones are playing in Melbourne the week before, and I really really want to go, but I don't know anyone who actually likes them. I am disappoint.

Tomorrow is a biology excursion, which should be fun. Get to meddle with bacteria.



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