Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Strokes.

'Lo readers.

Well that was an adventure.

Friday, even if it was only half a day, dragged like a motherbitch. First up was lit, but Ms Dosser wasn't there, so a spare which I wasted half asleep in the sun. Then maths, started linear programming. Ever so exciting.

Double bio was infuriating and frustrating and such. Had to flip coins, to determine hereditary characteristics. It'd be nice if we didn't have to play along for the first bit. Oh well.

At lunchtime Aiden rocked up, looking very pale but otherwise ok with his massive sling and cast. We sang happy birthday and gave him cake, then Emma and I nicked off. Went home, got coffee, got a lift, met Wakely at the station, then we picked up the New Alex at Morwell. He's pretty cool, likes his politics.

Anyway, the four of us chilled out, got to Krispy Kreme donuts, then headed to the hotel. After a very nervous exchange at reception, we went up to the room, and it was very fancy.

Went to maccas for tea, got drinks from the bottleo, watched some news, then walked down to Festival Hall. They wouldn't let us take cameras in, so we head to waste time dropping them off at the cloak room, missed half of Gypsy and the Cat's set. But they were pretty tame anyway, drummer was the only one into it, singer sounded like a girl.

Crowd started building during The Like, who were alright. Dat keyboardist, dayum. Got pretty backed once they nicked off, then these big banners dropped down. Crowd gets excited.

We were waiting around 45m after the last band for The Strokes to come on, and we got sick of goddamn hipsters trying to edge their way forwards with half a dozen plastic cups full of beer precariously held above our heads. Bastards. At least they were polite, unlike the squealing girls at the BDO. I saw a guy with an Unknown Pleasures shirt, he was pretty cool.

Anyway, show started, and it was awesome. Mood was more intense than Pearl Jam but not as HURR STUPID SMASH as One Night Stand, so it was pretty good in the moshpit. Couple of crowdsurfers, including one who dropped right in front of us. This was New Alex's first gig, and since he's so tall he seemed to enjoy himself. Emma was incredibly determined to push past anyone and anything in order to get closer to the stage, which was amusing.

The band itself was pretty good, Julian Casablancas seemed fairly strung out for most of it, but they played everything good. The singles seemed to go down better than the other stuff, but it was good to hear Hard to Explain and Heart in a Cage on top of stuff like Juicebox and Reptilia. No End Has No End, but oh well. By the encore Emma had gotten us to within about three people from the fence.

After screaming my voice to shreds during the encore (why play Heart in a Cage, Juicebox and Take It Or Leave It at the end?!), we slowly headed out. Saw the fat guy from Masterchef, Wakely took a photo of him and later shook his hand. I joined the line for the cloak room, which took aages. I kinda accidently jumped it a bit, but I stopped moving when I started getting death stares. Girl With Cool Green Jacket and Doc Martens, I should have gotten your number, and Drunk Old Guy With The Tame Impala Shirt, you were pretty cool, Tame Impala is definitely the best Aussie band around at the moment.

After walking back to the hotel, we all collapsed on the couches. Couple of drinks later, we realised we were watching Embarrassing Illnesses and not puking, then Scrubs was on. No one really wanted to go out. Everyone was just too tired. After Scrubs, saw the end of a Final Destination (terrrrrible film), then there was home shopping. Unlike when Claire and Denny and I watched it before BDO, this was just weird. "Pleeeesiure" indeed.

This morning, woke up far too early, then we agreed to hit the Pancake Parlour (better pancakes than my work), then we met Emily and Shona at Spencer st, where we farewelled New Alex and they went to the Herald Sun careers thing. I dragged Wakely and Emma to a record joint (MMRRRR OH GOD RAW POWER ON VINYL FOR LIKE $40 ARGH), then we browsed Minotaur (was prepared to buy about a dozen books, where else am I going to find all of Hunter S Thompson's stuff, and Nick Cave's fiction, and Scott Pilgrim?), laughed at nerds and weird stuff like energy drink in blood bags, then Emma and I went to Flinders St and caught the train home. Quiet trip, too tired.

I goddamn hate walking home from the train station. You're usually so tired from wherever the hell you've been, plus everything hurts from the train trip itself, and then you have to walk halfway across town. It sucks so much and I hate it. Hurm.

Get home, not much is going on.

Moon - *****
Go see this film, it's awesome. Very sad, raises a lot of big questions, and the visuals are amazing. Think Fight Club crossed with 2001 or Star Wars or Alien.

Right now Tom is smashed on Facebook because it's his birthday. What a legend.

Tomorrow is work and media stuff, hopefully.


Anyway, the end (has no end).

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