Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sketchy Metal.

'Lo readers.

Depressing kinda day really, don't know why.

Woke up too late, dragged self to school, had a thing in the lecture theatre where we went through preferences for uni (things are really beginning to get scary), then chapel where kids stumbled through the usual 40 Hour Famine propaganda (for all the money they've put into advertising and flashy ads, they could probably feed one of these countries for a year). Isaac was wheeling around a trolley with all of his burger boxes in it to represent wasted food. So that's what they were for!

Off to maths, Brenno wasn't happy with us, but I'm not fussed, I passed.

Nearly nodded off at recess. This is not good.

Smashed lit, we showed off our crappy drawings, then screamed through some more La Belle at a snail's pace because we were separated into groups. Joy.

Then bio, got to play with beads.

At lunchtime Pat and Oliver were shouting in German accents. That's about all we did.

History, got everything together, then were sent outside because Pat was too loud, or something. We got done what we needed to get done, it's all good.

Finally media, smashing some more scenes in the movie. Should really start the SAC.

After school, work. It was alright, I guess. Dead by the end of it.

Suffered through parent-teacher interviews, as usual they all think I'm doing ok but could be doing better. Everything will be going to hell in about five weeks, they reckon.

Get home, haven't really done much.

Tomorrow, no post because I'll be joining Wakely and Emma in Melbs to see The Strokes. Aiden, get better, don't die before Powderfinger.



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