Friday, July 2, 2010


'Lo all.

Long time no post.

Haven't been doing a lot.

Went to Melbourne and back the other day for Tash's funeral. Back in time for work. Bike is still being ridiculous.

Got Emma's present almost sorted, just need to shout at Oliver and Julian a bit more. I'm going to cheap out a bit on the costume though, go as Don Draper from Mad Men (or Mr Burns, or some other character who wears a suit).

Today I worked. Sammy's now a DJ, well done that man.

Oh yeah, and I've been watching movies.

Detroit Rock City - ****
Surprised me. This was actually pretty good. I'd swap Kiss for something a little... better, but other than that, very good film. Hangover-esque.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Emma's after work. Should be fun. Brad's costume will be amusing.



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