Monday, July 19, 2010

Post-Apocalypse Punk.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. Monday. Yuck.

I got up too late. My many alarms failed to wake me. I remember Nick Cave, then black, then damn kids hammering on my door. Turns out for the last couple of weeks my sisters have been gambling on Fraser and I. They wake us up at the same time, then see who gets to the shower first. That's not cool.

Anyway, I had to get to school early so I was in a rush. Get to school, kids are stressing over bio results since we've all got different ones, I find Isaac and it turns out he caused this massive alarm to go off at the boardo because he tried to go out and help kids, but got sprung. Oh well.

Consigned myself to death row, went to bio, screamed through SAC, turns out the thing we were stressing out about was only worth two marks. Go figure.

Off to lit, in slightly better spirits after Sarah and Potter mobbed me. Short test on poetic devices which we all smashed. Then we started another bloody sonnet.

Recess. Cold. Kids whinging about bio.

Off to history, Sarah and I were clocking everything so Riesdog told us to chill. Awesome.

Maths, slept a little. Triangulation's easy.

Lunchtime, it was raining, bloody typical. So we chilled, did the usual standing round and shouting thing. Sam, Hayden and Isaac returned from their adventures with a pack of biscuits, which they promptly squished. A buttload of guys were running around in morphsuits, pretty funny.

Headed off to media in the rain, we had Ms Evans, who had now met Fraser. We lol'd. Simple googling task, Oliver did his best to piss her off. As usual.

Then spare, too many maths kids. Gavin tried playing Sarah's iPod game. He looked like he was concentrating so hard, it was a little amusing.

After chilling in the library and visiting the band geeks, spent an hour doing more lit work and got a photo with the band. We all looked to the left.

Get home. Meh. Thanks for the letter, Diana, made my day.

Tomorrow is doubles day. Joy.



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