Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pobody's Nerfect.

'Lo all.

Sick of school, when's the next lot of holidays?

Today in assembly the jazz kids reported on Mt Gambier (they managed to include the words 'sax-tastic' and jazz-tastic'), then the prefects showed off their film. Very amusing.

History first up, we're getting the hang of this early stuff, but Mr Ries seems to be struggling a bit. We're all still very tired. Let us get back into it all.

Media. Swapped information about important events in the civil rights movement, then a look at how African Americans have been represented in hollywood. Again.

Recess was cold.

Off to maths, screamed through the questions. Dull.

Then bio, feeling a little confident about this prac on Friday, not so much about the SAC she's rushing. Oh well.

Lunch, finally. Was starving so bought food. Chilled out. Goatsed Jordan on Annie's phone. Lololol.

Lit. Kinda interesting, but again, we're being thrown in the deep end and we're a bit lost.

Then spare, chilled with Sarah and Cumpster, who was trying to provoke her into hurting him instead of sicking her sister on him.

After school, headed down the street with Denny and Ryan, met some boardos, had some chips, then I went to buy Oldboy. They had the case, but not the disc. What the hell? Then bought some books (because I am semi-literate, dammit!), and saw Danielle, who decided to go shopping with me and I now own a new hoodie. Yay.

Get home, chilled out, got more birthday cake, and now Fraser's showing me photos of kids I haven't seen since primary school. Some have very impressive beards.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Running training. Fun as.



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