Friday, July 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Interesting day.

Woke up and went to school far too early. Caught a minibus with a buttload of other load biokids, chatted about the BDO. Nemo got to sleep in and have maccas because she lives in Traralgon. Got to the university, found the lab, and started messing around with DNA and bacteria. It was kinda fun, I guess. Not looking forward to the assessment.

Got a break for lunch, naturally we all went to the cafeteria for more food. I bought a mars bar and a coffee. That mars bar turned into another one, because I won one of those 1 IN SIX WINS A FREE MARS BAR thingies. That second one turned into a third. The third one turned into a fourth. I was astonished. The cafeteria ladies were incredulous. The kids were happy because I shared. Good time had by all. Wish I was always this lucky.

Bus trip home was amusing, if only for the girl's whinging. Get back to school for five minutes of lunchtime, then we had a spare. Sarah, Georgia and Potter all jumped on me asking them for help. I confused them good, turned out I was wrong about one thing. Meh, we're all screwed.

Then history, did some reading on the study room, caught up with some lit kids, then the bell went and Ryan, Denny, Sam and I went down the street for chips. They're all back on W:AR, which is odd. We saw some boardos, then Pat and Jake rocked up after finishing more of Pat's film, which is starting to come together well except for all the bits he's accidently taped over.

Hit the centre after that. We attached ourselves to a skilltester machine, this one with huge stuffed toys. Jake chucked in five bucks and picked up a dragon and a puppy in the same go. It was amazing. Kids were cheering coming out of Coles. Huge crowd gathered around to see his other two shots. Not as spectacular. Chilled a bit more, caught up with Wakely, then Denny and I bemoaned how much Australian politics sucks on the way home.

Get home, pretty quiet, retreat to the shed a bit early.

Oldboy - ****1/2
The biggest mind-screw I have seen all year. Pacing's a little off, and I kinda guessed the ending fairly early, and there's a middle bit which is so confusing. But my god. Original story, awesome cinematography, and the violence is pretty cool. Tooth pulling and hammer fights and such. Worth watching, should probably lend it to Tom.

Tomorrow I have to work. And start lit properly. And prepare a buttload of stuff for the surprise biology SAC on Monday. So happy.


Anyway, the end.

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