Saturday, July 10, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm posting a little tipsy.

American Psycho - ****1/2
Entertaining, but occasionally a little slow. Ending was enjoyably open ended. The chainsaw bit was awesome. Thanks Tom.

Yesterday was stressful but it turned out alright in the end. We rushed around a whole lot picking up supplies, then it hit 5pm and kids starting rocking up. Got into costume, started trying to light fires, introduced Patrick to the tennis balls, and waited for the rest to rock up.

Lotta pretty cool costumes, especially Annie and Tom. Cameron's and Jake's were pretty good too, and all the St Trinian's girls. We chilled, we burnt stuff, it was pretty fun. Eventually, kids got impatient, so we had cake. Pat, Jake and Aiden performed a rap that they had written especially for me. I feel so honoured. These gentlemen are absolute legends. Charlotte awarded Tom in his ghillie suit Best Costume. He looked like a commando teddy bear.

More chilling out and rocking out after that, Ryan, Isobelle and Emily arrived (Ryan as Mrs Doubtfire), there was shenanigans as we lit up a sparkler bomb (a car approached, so Denny kicked it), then there was a bottle sparkler bomb which kinda fizzled, then we all ran back inside because apparently the cops were coming. Hell. There was Tribute, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, and the Timewarp. Oh yes.

They booted up pokemon and mario kart after that, kids started disappearing about midnight, which left about a dozen of us in the shed shouting at each other. We eventually decided to watch a pokemon movie, which was awful and because I could barely hear it I didn't understand it and won't be reviewing it. With an extreme sense of deja vu, we stayed up til very very late talking crap (instead of spatulas, it was scissors this time). I think I got to sleep about 5 or 6. Fraser, who had decided to join in the fun, stayed up the whole time so he could make pancakes with Jess at 630. Idiot.

Got up about 8 (jesus god), kids woke up and recovered a bit, then they all nicked off. Tom helped clean up bit, then he went to Frank's. Cleaned up, sorted out shed again, then about 5 Katie, James and Bonnie rocked up. Katie made this awesome spag bol, we had some of Sally's HUGE jelly slab, then at half time in the footy, they took me to the Star, had a beer, talked books, then went to Jack's for another beer while the Sainters won and a crappy cover band (Plan-B) messed up their set, then walked over to Ringers where I had a look around, as it was completely empty. Had another beer, kicked Bonnie's arse in pool, then we accidently got locked out and went home. I'm still a little buzzed. James got me a jagerbomb. He is a legend. Might go to Ringer's again later. It's too quiet.

Tomorrow, recover a bit, regroup, smash down two chapters of bio and clean up history. Then we're set. Wish I could have finished off media, but oh well.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party, and for all the birthday messages, and to everyone who made my eighteenth awesome.



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