Tuesday, July 27, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Today I had to wake up at quarter to six to go to Melbourne. It was very cold and I couldn't fall back asleep on the bus. Fairly uneventful trip, except for a kid up the front puking.

Get to Melbourne, there's a million different school groups milling around, get to huge ACMI cinema which was half empty. Melbourne International Film Festival almost makes a funny acronym.

In The Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today? - ***1/2
Czechoslovakian Toy Story set in a Soviet-Era attic. Very creative, but it's still a kids film. Kruschev bust thing was pretty freaky.

We then got about an hour to wander around, after checking into Hungry Jack's ("Bourbon whoppers?!" (small print)*no alcohol in burger* "Damn!"), followed Oliver and Jake to the Dungeon, where they bought Magic cards. Fascinating. Waded through a lot of hipster garbage (SO MANY PAIRS OF RAYBANS THEY LOOK STUPID) to ACMI again.

1981 - ****
Clever film, preachy morals, but it's funny. French Canadian. I can see why it was made when it was made, what with it's "living within your means" thing. Not a bad film.

Another quiet trip home, Oliver was ranting about his new cards. Get home, clean up media, have been looking at lit for the last hour and a half and I have no idea what to do. I keep going around in circles.

Tomorrow, D-Day for lit. Hopefully I'll get some help, and won't be murderlised. And then I have to run and such.



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