Sunday, July 18, 2010

Losing Sentience.

'Lo everyone.

Today I worked. I guess it wasn't too bad. Cooky has shaved, then he made biscuits. Cooky's cookies.

Get home, scream through some bio, tackle stuff for the SAC and hit a brick wall. It is retarded. Go to facebook, half a dozen people asking for help, another two dozen whinging about it on facebook, and I agree with Isaac that it's goddamn stupid. Will catch up tomorrow to try and sort it out properly.

Requiem for a Dream - *****
After Trainspotting last night, was interesting to compare these two films. This one's pretty good. Not sure which is better, though Trainspotting had the happier ending and humour. Here, the editing gimmickry adds to it all. Ending is confrontingly awesome. Definitely worth watching.

Tomorrow is Monday. Bio first up is going to be ever so much fun. I still haven't got enough examples for lit. I'm doomed.



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