Friday, July 23, 2010


'Lo all.

So I bounced back a little today.

Depressed, I told the kids I probably couldn't go to Tame Impala. Then off to biology, where we did a cut and paste activity. Ever so much fun.

Then history, started the introduction, probably didn't get enough done since Isobelle and I got sidetracked discussing weird movies.

Recess was cold, then double media. Uploaded photos, did a very quick mockup of an ad, then imported all the footage I've taken so far. Some of it looks good, some needs improvement. Pat and Oliver's bloopers were a highlight.

Lunch was fairly quiet. Chilled, listened to music, kids played Peggle on top of the lockers.

Then a spare. Chatted to Potter about driving, Gavin ensured Goody was comfortable in his exile from the common room by giving him one of the big comfy chairs so he could sit at the doorway.

Slept through maths while Sam tortured Nemo with a pair of scissors. Bernice had awesome news.

Went home, went down the street, Sam bought a massive nerf rifle, checked out Julian's massive new ute, then Denny arrived, we chilled then met Alison and Annie and headed to the cinema. Big crowd tonight, cos a buttload of boardos arrived.

Inception - *********
It's a Nolan film, it's gotta be pretty good. If I may quote AICN, it "exceeds expectations". I've been watching a lot of excellent films in the last few weeks, and this one is as good if not better than the best of them. This is the sort of film I've been waiting for. It's deep, and you need to concentrate, but it all makes sense if you've been watching closely. There's subtle humour, love story isn't too over the top (except for the subplot), and my god, the action sequences. There's a sense of subtlety to everything that just builds and builds, and then the ending, which drags out a bit, just intensfies it a bit. That would be my only criticism, that the ending just seems to go on and on while nothing is happening. But the zero-g action sequences, and the Ocean's Eleven style team setup bits, and the sheer grandness of the idea, of dreams within dreams; that's just insane.

Even though it was enthralling and such, if you weren't paying attention you'd get lost, and by about halfway through I could tell that some kids weren't getting it and were restless. Afterwards, on the way to maccas, there was a lot of questioning reality. Go and see this film right now.

After chilling in maccas for a while, Denny and I headed to Annie's to laugh at her dogs, then went home and here I am.

Tomorrow is work, can't wait, obviously. Plus I really need to finish this lit stuff, and start some media.

I want to go see Inception again, and maybe watch The Prestige.



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