Sunday, July 4, 2010


'Lo everyone.

So tired.

While I remember.

Pan's Labyrinth - *****
Excellent film. Was not expecting the ending, it usually never happens. Was equally fascinated by the Captain's story and the fantasy bit, I just wish it went for longer.


Yesterday, I woke up to Beth Gibbons on triple j, which was awesome. Portishead live set from 1995, playing stuff from Dummy. They had the good version of Sour Times, soooo goooooood.

Then I dragged myself down the street, got the rest of Emma's present then went to work, where the water stopped.

WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS A DISHIE WITH NO WATER!?! I can't rinse dishes, I can't get the dishwasher to work, I can't mop out floors, and once everything's swept out there's nothing to do! Stupid! They should have done repairs to the plumbing Sunday afternoon or something. Stupid idea.

Anyway, they sent me home early, showered, got to the station where the horde all arrived at once (including some awesome pirates), we shouted the whole way to Traralgon, which led to Sarah Heath telling us some bogans down the front were going to bash us if we didn't shut up (we laughed and didn't stop, naturally).

Get to Traralgon, kids take a minibus (must have been ever so much fun for Emma's dad driving them) and we took the car. Got there, was a little rainy, but there was fire and it was good. Denny abandoned his mead-and-lemonade, so we looked after that. Wandered around with the usual suspects, Meg, Isobelle, Brad (in his incredibly tight pants, it was disturbing) laughed at some of the girls who were all fighting each other for the hot guy (I think Emily won that competition, in a way).

The usual war for the iPod speakers occured, and we got a fair bit of Tame Impala and even two minutes of Search and Destroy. Lot of Daft Punk. I think the kids are going to learn another Tenacious D song. Going to be interesting Friday night.

Ended up in front of the tv at midnight watching Germany crush Argentina, then sat around watching Le Tour time trials while Pat stole one of Emma's dresses and ran around trying to play guitar, then Oliver booted up Omegle and trolled. Sat down to watch Spain v Paraguay, frustratingly dull first half, then things got interesting in the second. Well done Spain. FIFA needs video umpires.

Jason had a vuvuzela. Words cannot express how much I envy him.

Anyway, after two or three hours sleep Alison was shouting at me so I woke up, Aiden in particular did not look happy that his rest had been disturbed. Took the minibus back into town (Emily forgot her coat, rushed back to confused looks), and Isaac and Denny mooned Sam and Jason. Train home was quiet, except for when Pat and Isaac ran in and excitedly told us that an undercover cop showed his badge and told them to stop walking around with a stick-sword.

Get home, check news, chuck up photos, crash like a motherbitch. Woke up about five and went off to Harry and Marilyn's for chicken and talking about wine, it was pretty good.

Right now I'm catching up with some kids (OMG AMAYA) and I think it's nearly bedtime again.

Tomorrow, going to smash history then maybe get some bio and media done.



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