Thursday, July 8, 2010


'Lo all.

And it's about bloody time too, to quote my dear friend Dayno Insayno.

Been a while since I last posted, I haven't been doing a lot. I have started homework, and I've hit a roadblock with media, but it'll all be finished within the first week back.

I started watching Pure Pwnage ("Doug gets a little excited when he games. Commando and sweatpants...") and have also been devouring movies.

Daybreakers - ***1/2
It needed more development in the first half, once it hits the second act it loses steam, and the end is meh because it just ends. There's a lot of consequences that the ending implies. I think it wants a sequel, but this is not the most effective way to set it up. The Yank accents seemed a bit forced at time, and Isabel Lucas is neither a good actress nor is she attractive.

The Road - ****1/2
Relentlessly depressing, in a good way. This is another film where I wanted more. Cinematography was excellent. Kinda guessed the ending.

Silence of the Lambs - *****
Seen bits and pieces of this over the years, was good to sit down and watch it properly. Got sick of Jodie Foster's accent quickly. Really good movie. Dunno about rewatchability, unfortunately.

Hannibal - ***
The "OMG SO EXCITING" cuts and colour changes and random camera effects pissed me off. Yes, we understand that something important has happened. We don't need BIG FLASHY SPECIAL EFFECTS. Again, the accent of the main character pissed me off. Some bits seemed unneccessary. Ending was the best bit. That or the execution in Florence, I dunno.

Red Dragon - ***1/2
Interesting sort of plot. Subplot was good, for once. No annoying camera wiggling around. I liked the burning wheelchair bit. Not as good as the first one. Another tense ending, was good.

Other than movies, had to go to lit class, saw Jess in a beauty contest, it was Annie's birthday, and I've been cleaning out the shed. Tomorrow, out goes bed and drawers, then it gets cleared and vacuumed. God help us all.

Midnight last night, Ryan had hooked me on a flash game and Windowlicker was blaring. Annie and Megan immediately hit facebook. Good start. Then Megan dropped in, and George was on the phone too. Cool.

Woke up late, got some presents (INVINCIBLE BIKE TYRES), chilled out while cleaning. Turns out bike has a snapped axle, goddamnit. Lotta phonecalls and visitors and such. Headed down the street for work, picked up American Psycho and a couple of other movies. Gotta stop watching movies about serial killers, I think.

Went out to the pub this evening, got beer and pub meal. Got asked for ID. It's my youthful looks and charm, obviously.

Tomorrow, going to party hard. Should be fun. In theory. Kids are pretty pumped. Gotta go to lit as well all morning, how joyous.

Oh well. Good birthday. And it doesn't stop until Sunday.



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