Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doe Deer.

'Lo all.

Today, while riding to school, I noticed the first bits of frost on my jumper. I dunno if this was the first time I'd actually paid attention to it, or it was REALLY FREAKING COLD. Seriously, the ovals were practically frozen, it was pretty cool (lol).

After assembly, where a million kids got certificates, off to spare. It was soo waaarm. Cameron and I discussed lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis (my favourite sleep phenomena) while Sarah fell asleep. We lol'd.

Off to media, practically finished off thingy we had to do. Meh.

Recess was meh, I suppose. Too cold.

Then double maths. Could feel self falling asleep. Mr Brennan had a good call on Sam about his hair. Chatted to Nemo and Kelly about what to do after school ends. More on this below.

Lunchtime. Boring. Naturally, Isaac, Hayden and Sam decided to run wild. There's some photos on facebook. We ended up climbing a tree.

Double lit next. I tried. But the classroom was warm and everyone was tired. Struggled through to the very end.

After school, Pat smeared blood on me again and Jake threw me around, since he taped over the original footage. This was after we waited for about half an hour for them to turn up.

Headed down the street for chips, Tom and Isaac dropped in. Tom was wearing mocassins, and Isaac had a box of 250 McDonald's burger boxes. He refused to tell us what he needed them for. Bastard.

Went home, caught up with a few kids, found out some depressing news about Tame Impala (it's 18+ kids, sorry!).

Hard Candy - *****
Woah. Was not expecting this. Pretty awesome. The cinematography in particular was weird. In a good way. Bloke from Watchmen is suitably creepy, girl from Juno seems a bit too old. But it's an original story, which is really what I'm looking for.

And now here I am trying to back up my iPod so I can give Gavin some new music. It will take ages.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. It'll be cold, but then I have to run. Joy.

It's starting to hit a few more kids now, but I think we're all realising that we really only have a few weeks left of each other. Then we'll (hopefully) never see some kids ever again. So you reminisce, and decide to fit in as much more fun as you can. But it'll end, we'll all go our separate ways, and that's it. Except for bloody facebook. Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

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