Monday, July 12, 2010

Confessions of a Time Traveler.

'Lo all.

Mmrr. School today.

Yesterday was pretty chilled, got a Bis Breakfast, we showed James Sale (still dull). Then I screamed through my biology homework while watching Back to the Future. Awesome movies.

Today was hell. Woke up too late, had to wait for shower, then crawled to school and there were shouty kids everywhere. Caught up with a few, off to homeroom, then biology where we had another reassuring cut and paste lesson.

Then maths. Almost fell asleep, not my fault that we've already done trig before. Carto caught me on the way up, she said I should shave. Obviously, my week old growth is nothing compared to Pat's forest of testosterone. Injustice.

Anyway, after that episode, enjoyed a bit of recess, chatted to Lulu, then double history. Lots of note taking and such, but Riesdawggy dawg is still a pretty cool guy. Eh swears and doesn't afraid of anything.

Lunch. Slow. Smashed some media questions with Oliver. That's about it.

Media itself, we're looking at the sixties, which I'm cool with. Studying Bob Dylan. Then the civil rights movement, which us history kiddies covered last year.

Spare. Joyous spare. Sat in the sun with Sarah while Goody and Gavdog played Mr Squiggle, their new whiteboard game. Player one draws a random squiggle, then player two tries to draw the coolest thing they can using that squiggle. Then player two draws a squiggle and player one has to draw something, repeat ad nauseum. Gavin's monkey theatre was pretty cool, gotta say.

Forced myself to band, new piece, it's Spanish (speaking of which, well done to the Spaniards last night, would have been a frustrating game to watch though), and Isobelle and Jake have made it dirty already.

Get home, finish a bit more biology, watch some PP, catch up with Amaya (who's still on holidays, dammit), and noticed a couple of extremely amusing things. But that would be mean.

Tomorrow's either doubles day or an everything day. Fantastic. I think I may go shopping tomorrow night, spend some of these gift cards I have coming out of my ears before I lose them.



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