Monday, July 26, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Hurm. Monday.

School was meh, and cold. Slept through biology because it was so easy, inheritance charts and stuff. Then maths SAC which was hell because we had no time. I guessed one, and left three. Oh well. Guess they needed to make it difficult somehow.

Recess was cold. Double history was ok because it was just a jigsaw thing, despite Emily's best attempts to be difficult.

At lunchtime, usual shenanigans. I'm not exactly sure what Sam, Denny, Pat, Aiden and Hayden were trying to achieve, but there's photos on facebook.

Media was meh, smashed half of the essay. Traipsed off to spare where I chilled with Sarah, then Goody, Gav, Sarah and I tried to bounce a ping pong ball off the window into a stubbie holder. Enthralling. You had to be there.

After school was band, half fell asleep, chatted to Aiden, Denny and Oliver out the front, walked home, haven't got much homework done.

Right now Skins is on. Season four. Not interested. Damn hipsters. Damn unappealing characters. Damn cheap angst. Not as interested in these as I was in the first two. Oh well.

Tomorrow I gotta wake up early to go with all the media kids to Melbourne to watch foreign movies. For free. Sounds good.


Anyway, the end.

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