Wednesday, July 21, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm listening to the strangest album I've ever heard at the moment. Baths. It's reminding me of Heligoland if you pull the weird breakbeat stuff and made an entire album out of it. Glitch-hop? Either way, it's pretty cool.

Anyway. Today was freezing, my own damn fault for neglecting to wear pants, of course.

Biology first up, after a handful of demo videos I was falling asleep. This is a problem.

Media next, argued about characters. Forgot my bloody homework again because I'm an idiot.

Recess was cold, went off to history, got a spare. We celebrated. Headed to the library after thawing out in the common room, caught up with Steve and Annie. Steve wants to be a counter-terrorist agent. Good luck.

Then lit, got through most of a sonnet in the short period. Bright Star is meh.

Long Lunch was cold. After the kids got all psyched to kick St Pauls' collective arse, went to the common room and chilled with Emily, Agnik and Sarah after playing Gavin in table tennis (they found two paddles and a ball, then put two tables together. Well done those men). The rest all watched One Piece, which does not seem to make any sense at all. Wandered down to the ovals with Isaac, met Hayden while the kids were warming up, said hi to the girls who were perving on the enemy footy players, then I went to running since Isaac and I agreed there were no hot girls around from the other school.

Running itself was hell. We did strides and these stretch things where you have to walk like a crab or skip or do some other random crap. Then hill climbs. Oh god the hill climbs. Loki and I had to do three because we're seniors. What rubbish. Then a long run, did a square, Loki took off towards the end, of course. Not too bad, I guess, but jesus. I hate hill climbs. Ms Dyke seemed a little surprised that I barely exercise and I can still keep up.

After catching up with the other lot (we lost footy and both boys and girls soccer, Walshy knocked some kid's tooth out, Sam's injured, and Aiden is a hero goalie), homeroom then out as it started bloody raining. Awesome.

I've been meaning to start literature since I got home, but I honestly have not found any inspiration or motivation. It's not due til Friday. It's only a thousand words on the importance of poetry to humanity. I just have to expand my three or four ideas. Easy. I can do that. No problems.

Tomorrow is double spare Thursday, which is my real favourite day of the week. If all goes to plan, Beardman will be buying tickets to Tame Impala, which I'll be going to with most of the usual suspects. My sincerest apologies to everyone who won't be 18 then who wanted to go, turns out it's 18+.



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