Thursday, July 22, 2010


'Lo readers.

Well that was an anticlimax.

Today started off well. Got tickets to Tame Impala because Beardman is pro at getting tickets now. Sung during chapel. Slept during homeroom. Nearly fell asleep in bio since we were doing meiosis again.

Then double spare. Mad dubs. Slept a bit, made fun of Sarah til she fell asleep, read some poetry. Keats was whipped. Heart like a football. Tahlia was cutting Jay's hair, Jasper style. Very amusing.

Lunchtime was cold so Ryan, Julian, Dayno, Aiden and I headed up to the common room. It was warm.

Went to history, smashed some questions about Russia and everyone was surprised that I could remember anything, then chatted to Steve and Isobelle.

Had another spare since Mrs Dosser had disappeared. Chilled in the isk with the usual suspects. Got told to shut up about snowboarding. I'm sorry, I thought we were allowed to relax in the library.

Went home, went to work, got a bit held up, but I guess that's alright. Won another free mars bar.

Get home, something twigs. Guess which day the spring concert's on? I need to talk to Bonnie, I think.

Other than getting extremely enraged about that, watched some people getting trolled and Patrick edited one of my photos. The man is a hero, I've said it before.

Anyway. Tomorrow is going to be tricky, but it's alright because I'm seeing Inception.

Still going to set something on fire.



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