Wednesday, July 28, 2010


'Lo all.


Today I got up late, had media first up where Geordie and I were smashing the questions, then a spare where we all bitched about maths.

Recess was cold.

Then maths SAC PART DEUX. Wasn't as hellish as the first one, but I still didn't finish, had one single mark question to go at the end. Oh well. Gave it a shot.

Off to lit, where Mrs Dosser was talking dirty and making Isobelle and Emily (and Ryan) laugh. She lets certain words linger, as if she's daring us to giggle. Meh.

Pretended to care about house meetings, then chilled until Georgia persuaded us to introduce ourselves to the new Japanese girls, who seemed nice but a little scared when Aiden, Sam and Isaac gave them a group hug. Then we found a box. Since I couldn't really walk around in it, Hayden stole it and took off. Once we cut eyeholes and armholes in it, he just ran around in circles, climbed a tree, went through the gym, all with a box on his head. Very amusing.

Running was alright, I guess, long run was ok until I made the extreme mistake of racing Tsuby up a huge hill. We were both sprinting at the end of it, and then he took off. Bastard. Then we lost a kid, so Loki and I had to run all the way back down the hill to look for him. My chest was killing me, dunno if it's because I've got a cold or because I'm dying.

Get back to school, Pat and Georgia are screaming at me about Aiden. Turns out he slidetackled Daewoo but landed funny, injuring his wrist. Poor bastard. Went down the street for chips with Denny and Ryan, did the usual bitching, then got home.

Aiden called me up when I got there. Turns out his wrist is so bad, he'll need surgery, and thus can't go to The Strokes with us. On his birthday. As Claire said, this is pretty much the saddest thing ever. It brings to mind his doppelganger, Keanu Reeves, and all of his sadness. Bro, get better, make the best of the morphine, and we will party hard eventually.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday, which will suck arse. Then parent teacher interviews.



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