Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Strokes.

'Lo readers.

Well that was an adventure.

Friday, even if it was only half a day, dragged like a motherbitch. First up was lit, but Ms Dosser wasn't there, so a spare which I wasted half asleep in the sun. Then maths, started linear programming. Ever so exciting.

Double bio was infuriating and frustrating and such. Had to flip coins, to determine hereditary characteristics. It'd be nice if we didn't have to play along for the first bit. Oh well.

At lunchtime Aiden rocked up, looking very pale but otherwise ok with his massive sling and cast. We sang happy birthday and gave him cake, then Emma and I nicked off. Went home, got coffee, got a lift, met Wakely at the station, then we picked up the New Alex at Morwell. He's pretty cool, likes his politics.

Anyway, the four of us chilled out, got to Krispy Kreme donuts, then headed to the hotel. After a very nervous exchange at reception, we went up to the room, and it was very fancy.

Went to maccas for tea, got drinks from the bottleo, watched some news, then walked down to Festival Hall. They wouldn't let us take cameras in, so we head to waste time dropping them off at the cloak room, missed half of Gypsy and the Cat's set. But they were pretty tame anyway, drummer was the only one into it, singer sounded like a girl.

Crowd started building during The Like, who were alright. Dat keyboardist, dayum. Got pretty backed once they nicked off, then these big banners dropped down. Crowd gets excited.

We were waiting around 45m after the last band for The Strokes to come on, and we got sick of goddamn hipsters trying to edge their way forwards with half a dozen plastic cups full of beer precariously held above our heads. Bastards. At least they were polite, unlike the squealing girls at the BDO. I saw a guy with an Unknown Pleasures shirt, he was pretty cool.

Anyway, show started, and it was awesome. Mood was more intense than Pearl Jam but not as HURR STUPID SMASH as One Night Stand, so it was pretty good in the moshpit. Couple of crowdsurfers, including one who dropped right in front of us. This was New Alex's first gig, and since he's so tall he seemed to enjoy himself. Emma was incredibly determined to push past anyone and anything in order to get closer to the stage, which was amusing.

The band itself was pretty good, Julian Casablancas seemed fairly strung out for most of it, but they played everything good. The singles seemed to go down better than the other stuff, but it was good to hear Hard to Explain and Heart in a Cage on top of stuff like Juicebox and Reptilia. No End Has No End, but oh well. By the encore Emma had gotten us to within about three people from the fence.

After screaming my voice to shreds during the encore (why play Heart in a Cage, Juicebox and Take It Or Leave It at the end?!), we slowly headed out. Saw the fat guy from Masterchef, Wakely took a photo of him and later shook his hand. I joined the line for the cloak room, which took aages. I kinda accidently jumped it a bit, but I stopped moving when I started getting death stares. Girl With Cool Green Jacket and Doc Martens, I should have gotten your number, and Drunk Old Guy With The Tame Impala Shirt, you were pretty cool, Tame Impala is definitely the best Aussie band around at the moment.

After walking back to the hotel, we all collapsed on the couches. Couple of drinks later, we realised we were watching Embarrassing Illnesses and not puking, then Scrubs was on. No one really wanted to go out. Everyone was just too tired. After Scrubs, saw the end of a Final Destination (terrrrrible film), then there was home shopping. Unlike when Claire and Denny and I watched it before BDO, this was just weird. "Pleeeesiure" indeed.

This morning, woke up far too early, then we agreed to hit the Pancake Parlour (better pancakes than my work), then we met Emily and Shona at Spencer st, where we farewelled New Alex and they went to the Herald Sun careers thing. I dragged Wakely and Emma to a record joint (MMRRRR OH GOD RAW POWER ON VINYL FOR LIKE $40 ARGH), then we browsed Minotaur (was prepared to buy about a dozen books, where else am I going to find all of Hunter S Thompson's stuff, and Nick Cave's fiction, and Scott Pilgrim?), laughed at nerds and weird stuff like energy drink in blood bags, then Emma and I went to Flinders St and caught the train home. Quiet trip, too tired.

I goddamn hate walking home from the train station. You're usually so tired from wherever the hell you've been, plus everything hurts from the train trip itself, and then you have to walk halfway across town. It sucks so much and I hate it. Hurm.

Get home, not much is going on.

Moon - *****
Go see this film, it's awesome. Very sad, raises a lot of big questions, and the visuals are amazing. Think Fight Club crossed with 2001 or Star Wars or Alien.

Right now Tom is smashed on Facebook because it's his birthday. What a legend.

Tomorrow is work and media stuff, hopefully.


Anyway, the end (has no end).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sketchy Metal.

'Lo readers.

Depressing kinda day really, don't know why.

Woke up too late, dragged self to school, had a thing in the lecture theatre where we went through preferences for uni (things are really beginning to get scary), then chapel where kids stumbled through the usual 40 Hour Famine propaganda (for all the money they've put into advertising and flashy ads, they could probably feed one of these countries for a year). Isaac was wheeling around a trolley with all of his burger boxes in it to represent wasted food. So that's what they were for!

Off to maths, Brenno wasn't happy with us, but I'm not fussed, I passed.

Nearly nodded off at recess. This is not good.

Smashed lit, we showed off our crappy drawings, then screamed through some more La Belle at a snail's pace because we were separated into groups. Joy.

Then bio, got to play with beads.

At lunchtime Pat and Oliver were shouting in German accents. That's about all we did.

History, got everything together, then were sent outside because Pat was too loud, or something. We got done what we needed to get done, it's all good.

Finally media, smashing some more scenes in the movie. Should really start the SAC.

After school, work. It was alright, I guess. Dead by the end of it.

Suffered through parent-teacher interviews, as usual they all think I'm doing ok but could be doing better. Everything will be going to hell in about five weeks, they reckon.

Get home, haven't really done much.

Tomorrow, no post because I'll be joining Wakely and Emma in Melbs to see The Strokes. Aiden, get better, don't die before Powderfinger.



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


'Lo all.


Today I got up late, had media first up where Geordie and I were smashing the questions, then a spare where we all bitched about maths.

Recess was cold.

Then maths SAC PART DEUX. Wasn't as hellish as the first one, but I still didn't finish, had one single mark question to go at the end. Oh well. Gave it a shot.

Off to lit, where Mrs Dosser was talking dirty and making Isobelle and Emily (and Ryan) laugh. She lets certain words linger, as if she's daring us to giggle. Meh.

Pretended to care about house meetings, then chilled until Georgia persuaded us to introduce ourselves to the new Japanese girls, who seemed nice but a little scared when Aiden, Sam and Isaac gave them a group hug. Then we found a box. Since I couldn't really walk around in it, Hayden stole it and took off. Once we cut eyeholes and armholes in it, he just ran around in circles, climbed a tree, went through the gym, all with a box on his head. Very amusing.

Running was alright, I guess, long run was ok until I made the extreme mistake of racing Tsuby up a huge hill. We were both sprinting at the end of it, and then he took off. Bastard. Then we lost a kid, so Loki and I had to run all the way back down the hill to look for him. My chest was killing me, dunno if it's because I've got a cold or because I'm dying.

Get back to school, Pat and Georgia are screaming at me about Aiden. Turns out he slidetackled Daewoo but landed funny, injuring his wrist. Poor bastard. Went down the street for chips with Denny and Ryan, did the usual bitching, then got home.

Aiden called me up when I got there. Turns out his wrist is so bad, he'll need surgery, and thus can't go to The Strokes with us. On his birthday. As Claire said, this is pretty much the saddest thing ever. It brings to mind his doppelganger, Keanu Reeves, and all of his sadness. Bro, get better, make the best of the morphine, and we will party hard eventually.

Tomorrow is no spare Thursday, which will suck arse. Then parent teacher interviews.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Today I had to wake up at quarter to six to go to Melbourne. It was very cold and I couldn't fall back asleep on the bus. Fairly uneventful trip, except for a kid up the front puking.

Get to Melbourne, there's a million different school groups milling around, get to huge ACMI cinema which was half empty. Melbourne International Film Festival almost makes a funny acronym.

In The Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today? - ***1/2
Czechoslovakian Toy Story set in a Soviet-Era attic. Very creative, but it's still a kids film. Kruschev bust thing was pretty freaky.

We then got about an hour to wander around, after checking into Hungry Jack's ("Bourbon whoppers?!" (small print)*no alcohol in burger* "Damn!"), followed Oliver and Jake to the Dungeon, where they bought Magic cards. Fascinating. Waded through a lot of hipster garbage (SO MANY PAIRS OF RAYBANS THEY LOOK STUPID) to ACMI again.

1981 - ****
Clever film, preachy morals, but it's funny. French Canadian. I can see why it was made when it was made, what with it's "living within your means" thing. Not a bad film.

Another quiet trip home, Oliver was ranting about his new cards. Get home, clean up media, have been looking at lit for the last hour and a half and I have no idea what to do. I keep going around in circles.

Tomorrow, D-Day for lit. Hopefully I'll get some help, and won't be murderlised. And then I have to run and such.



Monday, July 26, 2010


'Lo everyone.

Hurm. Monday.

School was meh, and cold. Slept through biology because it was so easy, inheritance charts and stuff. Then maths SAC which was hell because we had no time. I guessed one, and left three. Oh well. Guess they needed to make it difficult somehow.

Recess was cold. Double history was ok because it was just a jigsaw thing, despite Emily's best attempts to be difficult.

At lunchtime, usual shenanigans. I'm not exactly sure what Sam, Denny, Pat, Aiden and Hayden were trying to achieve, but there's photos on facebook.

Media was meh, smashed half of the essay. Traipsed off to spare where I chilled with Sarah, then Goody, Gav, Sarah and I tried to bounce a ping pong ball off the window into a stubbie holder. Enthralling. You had to be there.

After school was band, half fell asleep, chatted to Aiden, Denny and Oliver out the front, walked home, haven't got much homework done.

Right now Skins is on. Season four. Not interested. Damn hipsters. Damn unappealing characters. Damn cheap angst. Not as interested in these as I was in the first two. Oh well.

Tomorrow I gotta wake up early to go with all the media kids to Melbourne to watch foreign movies. For free. Sounds good.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Duck Neck.

'Lo readers.

No post last night cos I was busy.

I worked yesterday and peeled a lot of potatoes. Petro was fascinated by a marinated duck he was dissecting, he wiggled around it's neck then pulled out it's heart to show the waitresses, was pretty cool. That's about it. Went home, tried to start homework. I'm losing motivation, this is bad.

Got a deluge of texts and such later, so I decided to head down the street. Met up with Jake and Sam at Jason's, where a whole lot of Jason's mates from Melbourne were hanging around. Since it was fairly dull, we got going, saw Jess, Annie and Caz on the way (weird), then went straight to Ringer's.

Didn't really do much. Only had a couple of beers because I thought I had work in the morning. We pitched in to buy Wakely a shot since it was his birthday the day before, then once everyone arrived we watched Sam win ten bucks off one of Jason's mates by beating him at pool. Headed to the mad, thumpin d-floor, which was pretty crap. Got bored, went home, not a bad evening out for $20.

Today, got up extra early, which hurt, went to work in a rush cos I thought I was late, then the boss told me to go home. Apparently, even though I was rostered on, it was going to be too dead to justify a dishie today. Hurm.

Went home, screamed through a whole lot of Keats articles, and now I'm about 300 words down on my creative response. I found a way in by treating it as an angry diary entry. But I keep going around in circles, I think I need Dosstimus Prime's help.

Tomorrow is going to be very meh, I think. Oh well. Gotta call a butcher and the driving place.



Friday, July 23, 2010


'Lo all.

So I bounced back a little today.

Depressed, I told the kids I probably couldn't go to Tame Impala. Then off to biology, where we did a cut and paste activity. Ever so much fun.

Then history, started the introduction, probably didn't get enough done since Isobelle and I got sidetracked discussing weird movies.

Recess was cold, then double media. Uploaded photos, did a very quick mockup of an ad, then imported all the footage I've taken so far. Some of it looks good, some needs improvement. Pat and Oliver's bloopers were a highlight.

Lunch was fairly quiet. Chilled, listened to music, kids played Peggle on top of the lockers.

Then a spare. Chatted to Potter about driving, Gavin ensured Goody was comfortable in his exile from the common room by giving him one of the big comfy chairs so he could sit at the doorway.

Slept through maths while Sam tortured Nemo with a pair of scissors. Bernice had awesome news.

Went home, went down the street, Sam bought a massive nerf rifle, checked out Julian's massive new ute, then Denny arrived, we chilled then met Alison and Annie and headed to the cinema. Big crowd tonight, cos a buttload of boardos arrived.

Inception - *********
It's a Nolan film, it's gotta be pretty good. If I may quote AICN, it "exceeds expectations". I've been watching a lot of excellent films in the last few weeks, and this one is as good if not better than the best of them. This is the sort of film I've been waiting for. It's deep, and you need to concentrate, but it all makes sense if you've been watching closely. There's subtle humour, love story isn't too over the top (except for the subplot), and my god, the action sequences. There's a sense of subtlety to everything that just builds and builds, and then the ending, which drags out a bit, just intensfies it a bit. That would be my only criticism, that the ending just seems to go on and on while nothing is happening. But the zero-g action sequences, and the Ocean's Eleven style team setup bits, and the sheer grandness of the idea, of dreams within dreams; that's just insane.

Even though it was enthralling and such, if you weren't paying attention you'd get lost, and by about halfway through I could tell that some kids weren't getting it and were restless. Afterwards, on the way to maccas, there was a lot of questioning reality. Go and see this film right now.

After chilling in maccas for a while, Denny and I headed to Annie's to laugh at her dogs, then went home and here I am.

Tomorrow is work, can't wait, obviously. Plus I really need to finish this lit stuff, and start some media.

I want to go see Inception again, and maybe watch The Prestige.



Thursday, July 22, 2010


'Lo readers.

Well that was an anticlimax.

Today started off well. Got tickets to Tame Impala because Beardman is pro at getting tickets now. Sung during chapel. Slept during homeroom. Nearly fell asleep in bio since we were doing meiosis again.

Then double spare. Mad dubs. Slept a bit, made fun of Sarah til she fell asleep, read some poetry. Keats was whipped. Heart like a football. Tahlia was cutting Jay's hair, Jasper style. Very amusing.

Lunchtime was cold so Ryan, Julian, Dayno, Aiden and I headed up to the common room. It was warm.

Went to history, smashed some questions about Russia and everyone was surprised that I could remember anything, then chatted to Steve and Isobelle.

Had another spare since Mrs Dosser had disappeared. Chilled in the isk with the usual suspects. Got told to shut up about snowboarding. I'm sorry, I thought we were allowed to relax in the library.

Went home, went to work, got a bit held up, but I guess that's alright. Won another free mars bar.

Get home, something twigs. Guess which day the spring concert's on? I need to talk to Bonnie, I think.

Other than getting extremely enraged about that, watched some people getting trolled and Patrick edited one of my photos. The man is a hero, I've said it before.

Anyway. Tomorrow is going to be tricky, but it's alright because I'm seeing Inception.

Still going to set something on fire.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm listening to the strangest album I've ever heard at the moment. Baths. It's reminding me of Heligoland if you pull the weird breakbeat stuff and made an entire album out of it. Glitch-hop? Either way, it's pretty cool.

Anyway. Today was freezing, my own damn fault for neglecting to wear pants, of course.

Biology first up, after a handful of demo videos I was falling asleep. This is a problem.

Media next, argued about characters. Forgot my bloody homework again because I'm an idiot.

Recess was cold, went off to history, got a spare. We celebrated. Headed to the library after thawing out in the common room, caught up with Steve and Annie. Steve wants to be a counter-terrorist agent. Good luck.

Then lit, got through most of a sonnet in the short period. Bright Star is meh.

Long Lunch was cold. After the kids got all psyched to kick St Pauls' collective arse, went to the common room and chilled with Emily, Agnik and Sarah after playing Gavin in table tennis (they found two paddles and a ball, then put two tables together. Well done those men). The rest all watched One Piece, which does not seem to make any sense at all. Wandered down to the ovals with Isaac, met Hayden while the kids were warming up, said hi to the girls who were perving on the enemy footy players, then I went to running since Isaac and I agreed there were no hot girls around from the other school.

Running itself was hell. We did strides and these stretch things where you have to walk like a crab or skip or do some other random crap. Then hill climbs. Oh god the hill climbs. Loki and I had to do three because we're seniors. What rubbish. Then a long run, did a square, Loki took off towards the end, of course. Not too bad, I guess, but jesus. I hate hill climbs. Ms Dyke seemed a little surprised that I barely exercise and I can still keep up.

After catching up with the other lot (we lost footy and both boys and girls soccer, Walshy knocked some kid's tooth out, Sam's injured, and Aiden is a hero goalie), homeroom then out as it started bloody raining. Awesome.

I've been meaning to start literature since I got home, but I honestly have not found any inspiration or motivation. It's not due til Friday. It's only a thousand words on the importance of poetry to humanity. I just have to expand my three or four ideas. Easy. I can do that. No problems.

Tomorrow is double spare Thursday, which is my real favourite day of the week. If all goes to plan, Beardman will be buying tickets to Tame Impala, which I'll be going to with most of the usual suspects. My sincerest apologies to everyone who won't be 18 then who wanted to go, turns out it's 18+.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doe Deer.

'Lo all.

Today, while riding to school, I noticed the first bits of frost on my jumper. I dunno if this was the first time I'd actually paid attention to it, or it was REALLY FREAKING COLD. Seriously, the ovals were practically frozen, it was pretty cool (lol).

After assembly, where a million kids got certificates, off to spare. It was soo waaarm. Cameron and I discussed lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis (my favourite sleep phenomena) while Sarah fell asleep. We lol'd.

Off to media, practically finished off thingy we had to do. Meh.

Recess was meh, I suppose. Too cold.

Then double maths. Could feel self falling asleep. Mr Brennan had a good call on Sam about his hair. Chatted to Nemo and Kelly about what to do after school ends. More on this below.

Lunchtime. Boring. Naturally, Isaac, Hayden and Sam decided to run wild. There's some photos on facebook. We ended up climbing a tree.

Double lit next. I tried. But the classroom was warm and everyone was tired. Struggled through to the very end.

After school, Pat smeared blood on me again and Jake threw me around, since he taped over the original footage. This was after we waited for about half an hour for them to turn up.

Headed down the street for chips, Tom and Isaac dropped in. Tom was wearing mocassins, and Isaac had a box of 250 McDonald's burger boxes. He refused to tell us what he needed them for. Bastard.

Went home, caught up with a few kids, found out some depressing news about Tame Impala (it's 18+ kids, sorry!).

Hard Candy - *****
Woah. Was not expecting this. Pretty awesome. The cinematography in particular was weird. In a good way. Bloke from Watchmen is suitably creepy, girl from Juno seems a bit too old. But it's an original story, which is really what I'm looking for.

And now here I am trying to back up my iPod so I can give Gavin some new music. It will take ages.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. It'll be cold, but then I have to run. Joy.

It's starting to hit a few more kids now, but I think we're all realising that we really only have a few weeks left of each other. Then we'll (hopefully) never see some kids ever again. So you reminisce, and decide to fit in as much more fun as you can. But it'll end, we'll all go our separate ways, and that's it. Except for bloody facebook. Oh well.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Post-Apocalypse Punk.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. Monday. Yuck.

I got up too late. My many alarms failed to wake me. I remember Nick Cave, then black, then damn kids hammering on my door. Turns out for the last couple of weeks my sisters have been gambling on Fraser and I. They wake us up at the same time, then see who gets to the shower first. That's not cool.

Anyway, I had to get to school early so I was in a rush. Get to school, kids are stressing over bio results since we've all got different ones, I find Isaac and it turns out he caused this massive alarm to go off at the boardo because he tried to go out and help kids, but got sprung. Oh well.

Consigned myself to death row, went to bio, screamed through SAC, turns out the thing we were stressing out about was only worth two marks. Go figure.

Off to lit, in slightly better spirits after Sarah and Potter mobbed me. Short test on poetic devices which we all smashed. Then we started another bloody sonnet.

Recess. Cold. Kids whinging about bio.

Off to history, Sarah and I were clocking everything so Riesdog told us to chill. Awesome.

Maths, slept a little. Triangulation's easy.

Lunchtime, it was raining, bloody typical. So we chilled, did the usual standing round and shouting thing. Sam, Hayden and Isaac returned from their adventures with a pack of biscuits, which they promptly squished. A buttload of guys were running around in morphsuits, pretty funny.

Headed off to media in the rain, we had Ms Evans, who had now met Fraser. We lol'd. Simple googling task, Oliver did his best to piss her off. As usual.

Then spare, too many maths kids. Gavin tried playing Sarah's iPod game. He looked like he was concentrating so hard, it was a little amusing.

After chilling in the library and visiting the band geeks, spent an hour doing more lit work and got a photo with the band. We all looked to the left.

Get home. Meh. Thanks for the letter, Diana, made my day.

Tomorrow is doubles day. Joy.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Losing Sentience.

'Lo everyone.

Today I worked. I guess it wasn't too bad. Cooky has shaved, then he made biscuits. Cooky's cookies.

Get home, scream through some bio, tackle stuff for the SAC and hit a brick wall. It is retarded. Go to facebook, half a dozen people asking for help, another two dozen whinging about it on facebook, and I agree with Isaac that it's goddamn stupid. Will catch up tomorrow to try and sort it out properly.

Requiem for a Dream - *****
After Trainspotting last night, was interesting to compare these two films. This one's pretty good. Not sure which is better, though Trainspotting had the happier ending and humour. Here, the editing gimmickry adds to it all. Ending is confrontingly awesome. Definitely worth watching.

Tomorrow is Monday. Bio first up is going to be ever so much fun. I still haven't got enough examples for lit. I'm doomed.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Screaming Gun.

'Lo readers.

So I had to work this morning. Turned down Ringers for it.

It was dead. Absolutely dead. Instead, Jordan and I laughed as Pete got pranked by Sammy. Petro had said the other week that he wasn't at work when he was, which had made Sammy very nervous. Had the whole kitchen in on it. For revenge, Sammy and Jordan made a notice and attached it to Pete and Cooky's payslips, saying that from Monday they had to be clean shaven, and wear neckerchiefs and hats, or they'd get warnings. Naturally, Pete was having none of this and was threatening to quit until Sammy told him it was a joke.

That's brutal.

Get home, get finishing off lit homework, which is going to take all week.

Leon: The Professional - ****
A bit clunky at times, but it's pretty good. Characters were interesting enough, action scenes were sufficiently awesome, and I'd watch a whole movie of Leon and his plant.

Still finishing off homework.

Trainspotting - *****
Taken me a while to get around to watching this one. Awesome, right from the start when they played Lust I like trippy movies and this one is awesome for trippiness. Soundtrack was good too, Danny Boyle really seems to like Iggy Pop. I liked this movie a lot.

Tomorrow I have to go to work again then do a lot of biology work. Which is going to be ever so much fun.



Friday, July 16, 2010


'Lo all.

Interesting day.

Woke up and went to school far too early. Caught a minibus with a buttload of other load biokids, chatted about the BDO. Nemo got to sleep in and have maccas because she lives in Traralgon. Got to the university, found the lab, and started messing around with DNA and bacteria. It was kinda fun, I guess. Not looking forward to the assessment.

Got a break for lunch, naturally we all went to the cafeteria for more food. I bought a mars bar and a coffee. That mars bar turned into another one, because I won one of those 1 IN SIX WINS A FREE MARS BAR thingies. That second one turned into a third. The third one turned into a fourth. I was astonished. The cafeteria ladies were incredulous. The kids were happy because I shared. Good time had by all. Wish I was always this lucky.

Bus trip home was amusing, if only for the girl's whinging. Get back to school for five minutes of lunchtime, then we had a spare. Sarah, Georgia and Potter all jumped on me asking them for help. I confused them good, turned out I was wrong about one thing. Meh, we're all screwed.

Then history, did some reading on the study room, caught up with some lit kids, then the bell went and Ryan, Denny, Sam and I went down the street for chips. They're all back on W:AR, which is odd. We saw some boardos, then Pat and Jake rocked up after finishing more of Pat's film, which is starting to come together well except for all the bits he's accidently taped over.

Hit the centre after that. We attached ourselves to a skilltester machine, this one with huge stuffed toys. Jake chucked in five bucks and picked up a dragon and a puppy in the same go. It was amazing. Kids were cheering coming out of Coles. Huge crowd gathered around to see his other two shots. Not as spectacular. Chilled a bit more, caught up with Wakely, then Denny and I bemoaned how much Australian politics sucks on the way home.

Get home, pretty quiet, retreat to the shed a bit early.

Oldboy - ****1/2
The biggest mind-screw I have seen all year. Pacing's a little off, and I kinda guessed the ending fairly early, and there's a middle bit which is so confusing. But my god. Original story, awesome cinematography, and the violence is pretty cool. Tooth pulling and hammer fights and such. Worth watching, should probably lend it to Tom.

Tomorrow I have to work. And start lit properly. And prepare a buttload of stuff for the surprise biology SAC on Monday. So happy.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


'Lo all.

I kinda forgot to post last night, I was dead tired.

Yesterday wasn't particularly eventful anyway. Had cross country running with Jess, went out with Loki and Tsuby, got lost in the Pines, made it back in one piece. Then had to work, where we got smashed. Booked out restaurant, but because there was a show on they ALL wanted meals by 7. Ever so much fun.

Then today, had a very disturbing dream (there was a lot of fire, second time this week), then woke up too late but got to school in time to get excited about valedictory! Yay valedictory! I'm so excited!

Not really. Patrick and I hunted down Mr Ries because he is a pretty cool guy, etc, and he agreed to join us. Absolute legend. Bit trickier trying to wrangle Aiden, since he was meant to be sitting at a vice-captain's table (Tara was also not very happy with this). Then off to chapel, where they had rearranged the seats and it was confusing and different.

Then maths. Pretty slow. Felt a bit sorry for Mr Brennan, because he's never been invited to a valedictory by the students. Naaaw. Tugs at the heartstrings.

After recess, lit, screamed through the first half of Melancholy. I think I'm almost starting to kind of enjoy Keats. That rat bastard. Depressing by the end though.

Bio next. Always ever so much fun watching clickview movies. It's like youtube but lame, and with less cats!

Thank gawd for lunchti-OH WAIT WHAT'S THAT YOU WANT SOME MORE LIT!? So, off we went for another stanza of Melancholy, which ended up being just as depressing as the first. Ms Dosser seems to be enjoying herself though. From the classroom, we could hear everyone (mainly Pat) screaming chapel hymns, which was very amusing.

Next was history. Steve revealed that he was Steve Grzentic the Third. That's just awesome. Seriously. That's three generations worth. He should name his son Steve too, start a proper dynasty. 'course, since we were so excited we kinda accidently got him moved. Sorry bro.

Finally media, started going through the film again. Meh. We needed more opportunities for double entendres.

After school, screamed down the street, did a bit of shopping (FINALLY PICKED UP OLDBOY YAY!), then worked. Still sore from running yesterday, I think. Oh well.

Get home, finish half of literature, watch some more Pure Pwnage, then decided to hook up my iPod and feed it some fresh new music. It basically died and refused. I nearly panicked. 50gb worth is not something I want to just lose. But I fixed it. I guess things could be worse.

I'm now watching the stupidest tv show ever created. It's about finding 'the most beautiful person in the world'. The contestants are all guidos or plastic women. They are as vapid as they are stupid. And so self centred, and because it's a competition they're all more awful than what they'd usually be. It's a little amusing, but also very depressing. If I had any faith in humanity left, I would have lost a whole lot more.

And Tame Impala's touring in October, lotta kids want to go mosh out before exams. I'm in. The Drones are playing in Melbourne the week before, and I really really want to go, but I don't know anyone who actually likes them. I am disappoint.

Tomorrow is a biology excursion, which should be fun. Get to meddle with bacteria.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pobody's Nerfect.

'Lo all.

Sick of school, when's the next lot of holidays?

Today in assembly the jazz kids reported on Mt Gambier (they managed to include the words 'sax-tastic' and jazz-tastic'), then the prefects showed off their film. Very amusing.

History first up, we're getting the hang of this early stuff, but Mr Ries seems to be struggling a bit. We're all still very tired. Let us get back into it all.

Media. Swapped information about important events in the civil rights movement, then a look at how African Americans have been represented in hollywood. Again.

Recess was cold.

Off to maths, screamed through the questions. Dull.

Then bio, feeling a little confident about this prac on Friday, not so much about the SAC she's rushing. Oh well.

Lunch, finally. Was starving so bought food. Chilled out. Goatsed Jordan on Annie's phone. Lololol.

Lit. Kinda interesting, but again, we're being thrown in the deep end and we're a bit lost.

Then spare, chilled with Sarah and Cumpster, who was trying to provoke her into hurting him instead of sicking her sister on him.

After school, headed down the street with Denny and Ryan, met some boardos, had some chips, then I went to buy Oldboy. They had the case, but not the disc. What the hell? Then bought some books (because I am semi-literate, dammit!), and saw Danielle, who decided to go shopping with me and I now own a new hoodie. Yay.

Get home, chilled out, got more birthday cake, and now Fraser's showing me photos of kids I haven't seen since primary school. Some have very impressive beards.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Running training. Fun as.



Monday, July 12, 2010

Confessions of a Time Traveler.

'Lo all.

Mmrr. School today.

Yesterday was pretty chilled, got a Bis Breakfast, we showed James Sale (still dull). Then I screamed through my biology homework while watching Back to the Future. Awesome movies.

Today was hell. Woke up too late, had to wait for shower, then crawled to school and there were shouty kids everywhere. Caught up with a few, off to homeroom, then biology where we had another reassuring cut and paste lesson.

Then maths. Almost fell asleep, not my fault that we've already done trig before. Carto caught me on the way up, she said I should shave. Obviously, my week old growth is nothing compared to Pat's forest of testosterone. Injustice.

Anyway, after that episode, enjoyed a bit of recess, chatted to Lulu, then double history. Lots of note taking and such, but Riesdawggy dawg is still a pretty cool guy. Eh swears and doesn't afraid of anything.

Lunch. Slow. Smashed some media questions with Oliver. That's about it.

Media itself, we're looking at the sixties, which I'm cool with. Studying Bob Dylan. Then the civil rights movement, which us history kiddies covered last year.

Spare. Joyous spare. Sat in the sun with Sarah while Goody and Gavdog played Mr Squiggle, their new whiteboard game. Player one draws a random squiggle, then player two tries to draw the coolest thing they can using that squiggle. Then player two draws a squiggle and player one has to draw something, repeat ad nauseum. Gavin's monkey theatre was pretty cool, gotta say.

Forced myself to band, new piece, it's Spanish (speaking of which, well done to the Spaniards last night, would have been a frustrating game to watch though), and Isobelle and Jake have made it dirty already.

Get home, finish a bit more biology, watch some PP, catch up with Amaya (who's still on holidays, dammit), and noticed a couple of extremely amusing things. But that would be mean.

Tomorrow's either doubles day or an everything day. Fantastic. I think I may go shopping tomorrow night, spend some of these gift cards I have coming out of my ears before I lose them.



Saturday, July 10, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm posting a little tipsy.

American Psycho - ****1/2
Entertaining, but occasionally a little slow. Ending was enjoyably open ended. The chainsaw bit was awesome. Thanks Tom.

Yesterday was stressful but it turned out alright in the end. We rushed around a whole lot picking up supplies, then it hit 5pm and kids starting rocking up. Got into costume, started trying to light fires, introduced Patrick to the tennis balls, and waited for the rest to rock up.

Lotta pretty cool costumes, especially Annie and Tom. Cameron's and Jake's were pretty good too, and all the St Trinian's girls. We chilled, we burnt stuff, it was pretty fun. Eventually, kids got impatient, so we had cake. Pat, Jake and Aiden performed a rap that they had written especially for me. I feel so honoured. These gentlemen are absolute legends. Charlotte awarded Tom in his ghillie suit Best Costume. He looked like a commando teddy bear.

More chilling out and rocking out after that, Ryan, Isobelle and Emily arrived (Ryan as Mrs Doubtfire), there was shenanigans as we lit up a sparkler bomb (a car approached, so Denny kicked it), then there was a bottle sparkler bomb which kinda fizzled, then we all ran back inside because apparently the cops were coming. Hell. There was Tribute, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, and the Timewarp. Oh yes.

They booted up pokemon and mario kart after that, kids started disappearing about midnight, which left about a dozen of us in the shed shouting at each other. We eventually decided to watch a pokemon movie, which was awful and because I could barely hear it I didn't understand it and won't be reviewing it. With an extreme sense of deja vu, we stayed up til very very late talking crap (instead of spatulas, it was scissors this time). I think I got to sleep about 5 or 6. Fraser, who had decided to join in the fun, stayed up the whole time so he could make pancakes with Jess at 630. Idiot.

Got up about 8 (jesus god), kids woke up and recovered a bit, then they all nicked off. Tom helped clean up bit, then he went to Frank's. Cleaned up, sorted out shed again, then about 5 Katie, James and Bonnie rocked up. Katie made this awesome spag bol, we had some of Sally's HUGE jelly slab, then at half time in the footy, they took me to the Star, had a beer, talked books, then went to Jack's for another beer while the Sainters won and a crappy cover band (Plan-B) messed up their set, then walked over to Ringers where I had a look around, as it was completely empty. Had another beer, kicked Bonnie's arse in pool, then we accidently got locked out and went home. I'm still a little buzzed. James got me a jagerbomb. He is a legend. Might go to Ringer's again later. It's too quiet.

Tomorrow, recover a bit, regroup, smash down two chapters of bio and clean up history. Then we're set. Wish I could have finished off media, but oh well.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party, and for all the birthday messages, and to everyone who made my eighteenth awesome.



Thursday, July 8, 2010


'Lo all.

And it's about bloody time too, to quote my dear friend Dayno Insayno.

Been a while since I last posted, I haven't been doing a lot. I have started homework, and I've hit a roadblock with media, but it'll all be finished within the first week back.

I started watching Pure Pwnage ("Doug gets a little excited when he games. Commando and sweatpants...") and have also been devouring movies.

Daybreakers - ***1/2
It needed more development in the first half, once it hits the second act it loses steam, and the end is meh because it just ends. There's a lot of consequences that the ending implies. I think it wants a sequel, but this is not the most effective way to set it up. The Yank accents seemed a bit forced at time, and Isabel Lucas is neither a good actress nor is she attractive.

The Road - ****1/2
Relentlessly depressing, in a good way. This is another film where I wanted more. Cinematography was excellent. Kinda guessed the ending.

Silence of the Lambs - *****
Seen bits and pieces of this over the years, was good to sit down and watch it properly. Got sick of Jodie Foster's accent quickly. Really good movie. Dunno about rewatchability, unfortunately.

Hannibal - ***
The "OMG SO EXCITING" cuts and colour changes and random camera effects pissed me off. Yes, we understand that something important has happened. We don't need BIG FLASHY SPECIAL EFFECTS. Again, the accent of the main character pissed me off. Some bits seemed unneccessary. Ending was the best bit. That or the execution in Florence, I dunno.

Red Dragon - ***1/2
Interesting sort of plot. Subplot was good, for once. No annoying camera wiggling around. I liked the burning wheelchair bit. Not as good as the first one. Another tense ending, was good.

Other than movies, had to go to lit class, saw Jess in a beauty contest, it was Annie's birthday, and I've been cleaning out the shed. Tomorrow, out goes bed and drawers, then it gets cleared and vacuumed. God help us all.

Midnight last night, Ryan had hooked me on a flash game and Windowlicker was blaring. Annie and Megan immediately hit facebook. Good start. Then Megan dropped in, and George was on the phone too. Cool.

Woke up late, got some presents (INVINCIBLE BIKE TYRES), chilled out while cleaning. Turns out bike has a snapped axle, goddamnit. Lotta phonecalls and visitors and such. Headed down the street for work, picked up American Psycho and a couple of other movies. Gotta stop watching movies about serial killers, I think.

Went out to the pub this evening, got beer and pub meal. Got asked for ID. It's my youthful looks and charm, obviously.

Tomorrow, going to party hard. Should be fun. In theory. Kids are pretty pumped. Gotta go to lit as well all morning, how joyous.

Oh well. Good birthday. And it doesn't stop until Sunday.



Sunday, July 4, 2010


'Lo everyone.

So tired.

While I remember.

Pan's Labyrinth - *****
Excellent film. Was not expecting the ending, it usually never happens. Was equally fascinated by the Captain's story and the fantasy bit, I just wish it went for longer.


Yesterday, I woke up to Beth Gibbons on triple j, which was awesome. Portishead live set from 1995, playing stuff from Dummy. They had the good version of Sour Times, soooo goooooood.

Then I dragged myself down the street, got the rest of Emma's present then went to work, where the water stopped.

WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS A DISHIE WITH NO WATER!?! I can't rinse dishes, I can't get the dishwasher to work, I can't mop out floors, and once everything's swept out there's nothing to do! Stupid! They should have done repairs to the plumbing Sunday afternoon or something. Stupid idea.

Anyway, they sent me home early, showered, got to the station where the horde all arrived at once (including some awesome pirates), we shouted the whole way to Traralgon, which led to Sarah Heath telling us some bogans down the front were going to bash us if we didn't shut up (we laughed and didn't stop, naturally).

Get to Traralgon, kids take a minibus (must have been ever so much fun for Emma's dad driving them) and we took the car. Got there, was a little rainy, but there was fire and it was good. Denny abandoned his mead-and-lemonade, so we looked after that. Wandered around with the usual suspects, Meg, Isobelle, Brad (in his incredibly tight pants, it was disturbing) laughed at some of the girls who were all fighting each other for the hot guy (I think Emily won that competition, in a way).

The usual war for the iPod speakers occured, and we got a fair bit of Tame Impala and even two minutes of Search and Destroy. Lot of Daft Punk. I think the kids are going to learn another Tenacious D song. Going to be interesting Friday night.

Ended up in front of the tv at midnight watching Germany crush Argentina, then sat around watching Le Tour time trials while Pat stole one of Emma's dresses and ran around trying to play guitar, then Oliver booted up Omegle and trolled. Sat down to watch Spain v Paraguay, frustratingly dull first half, then things got interesting in the second. Well done Spain. FIFA needs video umpires.

Jason had a vuvuzela. Words cannot express how much I envy him.

Anyway, after two or three hours sleep Alison was shouting at me so I woke up, Aiden in particular did not look happy that his rest had been disturbed. Took the minibus back into town (Emily forgot her coat, rushed back to confused looks), and Isaac and Denny mooned Sam and Jason. Train home was quiet, except for when Pat and Isaac ran in and excitedly told us that an undercover cop showed his badge and told them to stop walking around with a stick-sword.

Get home, check news, chuck up photos, crash like a motherbitch. Woke up about five and went off to Harry and Marilyn's for chicken and talking about wine, it was pretty good.

Right now I'm catching up with some kids (OMG AMAYA) and I think it's nearly bedtime again.

Tomorrow, going to smash history then maybe get some bio and media done.



Friday, July 2, 2010


'Lo all.

Long time no post.

Haven't been doing a lot.

Went to Melbourne and back the other day for Tash's funeral. Back in time for work. Bike is still being ridiculous.

Got Emma's present almost sorted, just need to shout at Oliver and Julian a bit more. I'm going to cheap out a bit on the costume though, go as Don Draper from Mad Men (or Mr Burns, or some other character who wears a suit).

Today I worked. Sammy's now a DJ, well done that man.

Oh yeah, and I've been watching movies.

Detroit Rock City - ****
Surprised me. This was actually pretty good. I'd swap Kiss for something a little... better, but other than that, very good film. Hangover-esque.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Emma's after work. Should be fun. Brad's costume will be amusing.