Tuesday, June 1, 2010


'Lo all.

Stayed up far too late last night.

Get to school, no assembly, so spare first up. Was frustrated with malfunctioning and broken headphones.

Off to media, finished storyboards and got halfway through mockups. Oliver's script is good, steals a bit much from other movies, but it'll be good to watch if he can pull it off.

Recess. Need an easy way out.

Off to double maths. I fell asleep for serious reals this time. Not good. Brenno redeemed himself by labelling Sarah Heath "the new Andrew Skehan" because she was constantly fighting with Lucas. We lol'd.

Lunchtime. We made a bottle dance on the table. Then we made a tub dance. So we had races (BOTTLE KICKS ARSE!). Oliver then treated us to a karate display that ended up destroying said bottle.

Off to double lit, we played with the projector that hooks up to the tv. It was so cool. Then a session on the GAT, Mrs Dosser made me want to go and read all the really stupid responses kids have made.

After school, finished everything except the annotations for media, so now it's just annotate everything and make sure I've got permissions to film. Picked up a pair of headphones on the way home, and they nearly broke. Jipped, man.

Played around on audiotool, got Teardrop going, then the browser broke and I lost it. But now I can play bits of it on piano, so it's all good I guess.

Tomorrow is cross country. Gotta beat Wingram, even though I'm sick.



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