Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3.

'Lo all.

Really enjoying the whole filming thing, to be honest.

On Thursday, I got up early (relatively), fixed up my bike (which had conveniently decided to have a gaping hole in it's OTHER goddamn tyre), then screamed around town and got everything done for work quickly. Then dashed home, grabbed some lights and speakers, and got a lift to school, where Ms Henry gave me permission (and keys) to go nuts.

The droogs rocked up as Beardman and I moved some furniture around. We raided the music department, looting a drum kit, a couple of amps, and a bass guitar. I got some awesome footage of Denny pretending to drum, Jake shredding guitar, Sam on bass, and Oliver wailing his guts out. Then a few crowd shots, which is what I really needed. Could have used more people, but never mind, this should be enough.

Waited around a while then ran all the way from home to the cinema, got a pair of nifty 3D sunnies, then collapsed into a seat. First digital 3D movie, what an age we live in.

Toy Story 3 - ****1/2
The short at the start was clever, not as good as the birds one or Presto. Movie itself was excellent. The 3D wasn't INYOURFACEOMGLOOKHOW3DITIS! all the time, which is good. Plot was good, but it was similar to the second one. Got pretty intense towards the end. Still funny, still awesome at times, it felt a little rushed towards the end, but still damn good. Kinda relevant to us too, cos it's all about heading off to uni and leaving childhood behind. That or it's a metaphor for the holocaust, I'm not sure which yet.

After that, chowed down at maccas and headed to Patrick's to do some filming for Oliver's film and play a bit of pool. Picked up a cassette thingy for Oliver's camera ("I THOUGHT THEY WERE SUPPLIED!!"), and got a couple of scenes down. After a while, Sam decided we should all go drinking at his house. Denny, Jake and I were dragged along.

We played some poker, Denny got smashed very quickly, there was a jam session, all pretty amusing. No drama. Crashed hard though.

Got up far. too. early. this morning, earliest I've been awake all holidays so far. Jake gave me a lift home where I showered, then off to the hospital. Sam arrived, a nice Scottish lady gave us a corridor, and I think (hope!) I've got enough footage and shots to work with. See how we go.

Headed to Pat's after that, where they were filming more of Jake's movie with Emily. Then Pat made the kids all change into school uniforms and we had a lot of fun chasing Oliver around. If Pat can pull this off, and I think he will, this will be a pretty good film. Shooting in the freezing rain, not so good. I got covered in blood at one point, which was pretty awesome, I'll have to get the picture up.

Got a lift home again, showered off most of the blood, then off to work where 160 air force and navy graduates were going to be dining. Fun. Us kitchen guys smashed it all though. Had to help out dishing up some steak, which was fun. Jordie and I managed to get all of the dishes done pretty quickly, I was only held up by the dishwasher, dammit. Anyway, I guess it was alright, bit of an escape with some awesome free food.

Tomorrow I'm going to Buninyong for Bonnie's 21st. Need to do a bit of shopping before I go though.

And a big thanks to all the kids who are helping us media kids with the filming, you're all legends.



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