Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phat Meegz.

'Lo readers.

Boy oh boy. I do love the internet deciding to desert me in my hour of need. Not that I had any real need. I just don't like it dropping out. Last year was so bad (amirite Amaya?), and I've gotten used to it being reliable.

Anyway. So yesterday was the cross country. So, naturally, about half the year stayed home. Amazing how much these colds get around at this time of year.

Get to school nervous because I had the same cold (and thus head was stuffed) and a sore back. Realised the lack of training I had done. Oh well. Off to bio, got SAC marks back and went over more exam type stuff.

Then media, smashed some more folio.

Recess was cold. Kids begin to crap themselves out of fear for what they found themselves preparing for.

History was quiet, got stuff done.

Then lit, it's a very sad day when I'm answering most of the questions. Still, memorised the poem then screwed up writing something on the board. We did not sign up for audience participation.

Lunchtime was hell. Meg kept saying how nervous she was as she wrapped Jess's leg, while Tom offered us burrito. Typical.

Get on the buses, year twelve party bus, Maddy and I made a bet. I owe her five pushups for betting on a supremely pumped Pat over an ill Aiden. Oh well.

The thing about having the last race on the day is that you're waiting around for ages wondering how much of a warm up you should do, and
basically getting lazy because you put it off. We did enjoy watching the little kids come in though. Here's a photo of Hayden, Isaac and Tom.

They ran like this. It represents the attitude 90% of year twelve had towards the cross country this year. Nearly everyone walked, and Will and co brought an inflatable raft. Lots of kids went swimming too. Naturally the teachers weren't impressed, though Ms Henry said it was good to show house spirit.

Anyway. Our race sucked. I had one goal, which was to beat Wingram for the third time this year. I didn't. I got a good start but he kept creeping up on me, and I slowed right down when we hit the creeks. On the second crossing, Denny and Oliver were being trolls and trying to stop people crossing the bridge. He caught me on our way up the hill, as we hit Mr Anderson at the same time, so I had to stop to get the bloody mark on my hand. Then I ran into a cluster of year nines, who laughed at me for trying and wouldn't get off the goddamn path. Bastards. Wingram sprinted away and I didn't recover.

Coming up to the straight, going around the oval again, I had a good twenty metres on Bowman, who was being held by Robbie the year eleven. He warned me about Bowman, so well done that man. Sprint to the finish, get fourth, Ms Dyke says my run was disappointing.

Binks ended up coming third, though there was some pretty good runs. Jess and Meg got second in their races, as did Pat, and Cumpster won ours. Aiden beat Gavin, who beat Dayne, and Tom had an awesome sprint when he finished his. Girls did pretty good too, considering how many of them were taking it seriously.

So, go back to school, Kelly was injured so kids were worried, stick around and do media, folio is so close to being finished, got two more things to do.

Home, and the internet's dead. Beardman and ISP, I am disappoint.

And then today (don't you just love double posts). Today was a good day, I think.

Get to school, freeze to death, smashed the quiz in homeroom because there was a question on Pink Floyd.

Course, this display of bad arsery made us late to chapel (lol). Turns out we had GUIDED MEDITATION for the year twelves only. Last time they tried this, we couldn't stop laughing. They were clever here and decided to do it early in the morning, when we were all still half munted from the cross country. I didn't take part, just chilled while Finky read the paper and Ryan tried to learn the poem for lit.

Then off to bio, where we read each other's SACs instead of learning about blood types. Joy.

Decided to sacrifice my double spare to work on my BFB. But first I finished the lit homework (turned out we didn't have to but I saved half the class doing it themselves, going to go kill myself). Then annotated stuff and got into an argument about movies with Emma, Emily and Potter. Transformers 2 was a terrible movie. Vomit on screen. However, is it hypocritical that I enjoyed Iron Man? You decide!

Lunch was cold, but ridiculous. Started a war with Emma, which she won cos I kept tripping over my bag.

Off to history, Isobelle and I smashing it because everyone else was half asleep. Gotta love autopilot.

Then lit. Again, it's sad when alex is the one taking up the slack. On bloody poetry. We are all doomed. DOOMED!

Work was meh, nothing special. Picked up birthday presents for Dayne and Beardman.

Get home, get down, chillax. Should be doing some homework for history.

So yeah, not a bad two days. I am unhappy about the bike being stupid, Noobie leaving, my body deciding to quit on me today (LEGS! WHAT HAPPENED! WHY ARE YOU STILL SORE!), and the fact that I've got an exam on Tuesday. But for now, chill. Long weekend coming up.

Tomorrow's when the BFB is due, but I should be alright. Just gotta draw an ad, then annotate some mockups, and I'll hand it in. Might be done before the end of the double, shock horror. Then work. Joy.



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