Sunday, June 13, 2010


'Lo all.

I'm a little late because I just fell asleep. Sue me.

So yesterday, I got up late, wandered down the street for supplies and caught up with a very stressed out Emily, then went to the train station where Potter and Jess played music really loudly in the toilets. We caught a bus all the way to Bairnsdale, and were the loudest people on there.;

Isaac gave us a lift to Kelly's, then everyone else rocked up. It was semi formal until Hayden, Aiden and Pat arrived.

These men are legends. They froze.

We walked down to a pier where there was a boat and a man in a captain's hat. Boat was pretty fun, lots of free food then when we wrangled control of the iPod thing, we screamed Tribute and Killing in the Name, and tried to flip the boat moshing to Smells like Teen Spirit. The boat stopped, we got out, and Patrick and Aiden jumped in the water to try and get rid of all their paint.

Headed off to a scout hall in the middle of nowhere to stand around fires and get smashed after that. Pretty amusing. Basically stuck around the fire chatting to Emma and whoever else sat around. Highlights included Alison and Georgia fighting over poor old Jake, Louise and Wingram retreating to a tent, and getting awesome cake. Eventually we all decided to sleep, not that anyone did. Back was killing me. For some reason everyone woke up at 5, then Pat wiggled over to steal Potter's pillow, so they were all shouty for an hour til even I crashed.

Woke up about ten, we climbed trees and threw rocks and a broom at Hayden and Pat. Game changed somewhat when they caught the broom. Cleaned up, walked down a hill to get breakfast (BACON!!!) and there was a possum and Mad Max and a playground. Awesome.

Got a lift to the station, crappy coffee, then bus home. I should have started learning this poem for lit, but oh well.

Tomorrow is work, and history revision all day. Don't know whether I should watch the World Cup match or not, I watched South Africa play Mexico and was disappointed because it was a draw, but I'm a little annoyed I miss UK vs USA, if only because of the goalie screwing up that bad.

Hurm. Hurm hurm hurm.



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