Friday, June 4, 2010

In The Court of the Crimson King.

'Lo everyone.

Friday is best day. Cept it's really cold and creepy at the moment.

Today was the Beardman's birthday as well, so happy birthday, got him a subscription to the Age so he doesn't forget about the Green Guide again.

Off to school to smash the BFB, which I did, then I got Belle hooked on trip hop, namely Worriedaboutsatan. Muwhahahaha.

Satisfied that I'd finished my media folio like a boss, we shouted happy birthday to Dayne, then I enjoyed my spare in the sun playing solitaire and contributing to Jay and Tahlia's chatterbox things in the most obscene way possible.

Maths next, got next to nothing done because I am a bad person. I'm also very tired. Hurm, s

Lunchtime, finally. A little dull. Didn't get to play dodgeball because everyone disappeared, so we hung out and basically did nothing.

Bio sucked. We've done maybe 90% of the course. Oh well, we're screwed, but we're all screwed equally, right?

Finally history, watched more movie. I liked the bit where they waved the guy's head around on a pike.

Went down the street with Denny, Isobelle and Ryan, got some chips with the boardos, then hung out in the centre with Shona and Maddy. We might have freaked them out a bit.

Get home, get changed, have some fish and chips then off to work. There were two million old people there to see a show, and they all decided to have dinner beforehand. Argh. Cleared the sink in less than an hour, then a billion more dishes came in. Oh well. Home relatively early, earlier than I expected. That's the good thing about shows, almost all of the dishes stop once the show starts. Such fun riding home to King Crimson through the fog too.

And now here I am, enjoying my Friday night filling out my Nick Cave discography and wasting time. Wish I could sleep in tomorrow, but I'm working then too. Joy. Need the money for Kelly's and Annie's anyway.


Anyway, the end.

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