Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heart in a Cage.

'Lo all.

Jesus god it was so cold this morning, I woke up and my breath was misting in front of me. Inside the shed. Not good.

Off to school, spare first up. Chilled with Sarah while Georgia explained that no, she did not throw water on Jake and Alison. I sense a feud. I'll be laughing the whole time. Then we all made fun of Sarah for being old.

Media was the start of the new unit, so we did Australian values. Interestingly, we value the back seat on the bus ("WE'RE GODDAMN YEAR TWELVES, WE HAD TO EARN THE BACK SEAT, NOW THE LITTLE BASTARDS ARE JUST TAKING IT!") and free music downloads. We are scumbags.

Recess. Cold. Chatted to Isobelle about the terrifying history SAC tomorrow.

Then double maths, slept through most of it.

Lunch. Cold. Learnt a poem for lit. How exciting.

Then lit, recited bits of the stupid poem, and Ms Dosser made fun of Jasper, who was wearing a very inconspicuous scarf to cover his neck. Meh.

After school, got money, went home, studied like hell. Sick of it. I should be alright.

Tomorrow, SAC, then I'm doing the responsible serving of alcohol thing. Should be good for the resume, I guess.


Anyway, the end.

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