Friday, June 11, 2010


'Lo readers.

So last night the internet was down and there was no blog post. My bad.

Get to school, lame chapel, then into the GAT. Was pumped. Absorbed Sarah and Agnik's brains, then smashed the multiple choice. They were all like, "Dude, why you smash me so hard?"

Then the essays, first one was lame about deep sea exploration. Was tempted to mention Bear Grylls, but then I remembered Mrs Dosser's threat of castration if I did. Then the second one was easy, ranted about terrorism and pollution in cities. Should have mentioned Ryan Leyden or Optimus Prime or Kate's party.

At lunch we got a buttload of free pizza. Seriously, like thirty slabs worth. Naturally, we went nuts, I lost count after five pieces. The droogs collected the little table things and played jenga with them. So good to have done it.

Next, they sheparded us into the lecture theatre to listen to a university interview ramble about resume and interview technique. He was mildly amusing, especially with the kids he picked to talk. He called James Gray the real school captain, which naturally made us laugh. Oh, controversy.

Work sucked because I was rushing in order to get to the next work,, which was alright. Cookie gave me a spare spring roll, and Sammy and I talked Daft Punk while he blared Alive 2007. So good.

Today, on the other hand, went pretty slowly.

Literature was a shock first up. We finished the first poem, fourteen more to go.

Then maths. Slept.

Recess was raining, headed off depressed to double biology, which was ever so much fun. We played with streamers then pegs.

Lunch was pretty quiet until Pat pulled a soccerball out of nowhere, and since the courts and gym were taken we decided to play deathball. At one stage the wind caught the ball and it sailed towards a group of year eights (nines?) kicking a footy around. They kicked it out to the middle of nowhere then gave us the finger. Instead of tackling them, Aiden (the school vice captain), stole their ball and warned them all threatening like. Punk kids.

Anyway. Spare was so good. Chatted about exploits with the police, Jay's poker night sounded like fun.

Then history, got half a practice SAC done, now four to do over the weekend before the real deal on Wednesday.

After school, headed down the street with the usual suspects, devoured some chips, then wandered around picking up supplies. Pat, Hayden and Aiden's costumes will be goddamn hilarious.

Off to work, there was a table of thirty coming in, but not til 830/9. So, a lot of potatos were peeled while Cookie, Jords and I swapped South Park quotes. Then we got smashed but it wasn't that bad. On my way home, saw a couple of friends making new friends outside a pub. I lol'd.

Tomorrow, no blog post as I will be celebrating Kelly's birthday by getting smashed. I promise there will be pictures.

And yes, I've been lazy with adding photos to the blog lately because I've been chucking them on facebook, instead of resizing them for here. Should I keep doing this or is the embedded photo thing good? You decide!



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